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10 Best Bulletin Boards Reviews of 2021

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Even with the advanced technology and almost everything going digital, the use of bulletin boards is increasing. At home, office, and in schools, you’ll still find bulletin panels quite useful in keeping things in order.

Now, making a decision to buy a new bulletin board is exciting. But the moment you get to the actual purchase, the hundreds of options make the process quite complex.

But we are here to help. This review has some of the best bulletin boards that will give you value for your money.

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High-Quality Bulletin Boards to Buy

10. Cork Boards Hexagon Diamond Shape 4 Pack White Framed Bulletin Board Modern

10. Cork Boards Hexagon Diamond Shape 4 Pack White Framed Bulletin Board Modern Decorative Corkboard for Walls (Includes Hardware & Template)

If you are searching for a unique, contemporary cork board this will be a great choice for your home, office, and more. The board is made using top-quality material making it possible to use countless times and still maintain its appeal.

Better still, you can use thumbtacks, map pins, push pins, and more to keep your notes, menus, memos, photos, etc. in place.

9. BESTBOARD Cork Bulletin board

9. BESTBOARD Cork Bulletin board, Heavy Duty Cockboard for Homes or Offices, 36 x 48 Inch, Silver Aluminum Frame

Now with these modern bulletin boards, you’ll love how the not-so-attractive mountain screws will stay hidden. And because of the high-quality cork hold, the pins will stay in place so none of your notes, pictures, or notes will fall out.

Any time there’s an important note to pin, these boards will never let you down as they are large enough. Better still, they are compact enough to fit in smaller spaces which makes them worth buying.

8. Mead Corkboard, Framed Bulletin Board

8. Mead Corkboard, Framed Bulletin Board, 3’ x 2’, Cork Board, Aluminum Frame (85361)

A bulletin board with a classic design, sturdy frame, and a natural cork is an excellent addition at home or office. Also the boards have a flexible mounting as you can install it upright or horizontally based on the available space.

And since the boards are made using top-quality materials, you can enjoy many years of use without losing the quality.

7. Lockways Cork Board Bulletin Board

7. Lockways Cork Board Bulletin Board, Double Sided Corkboard 36 x 24 Inch, Notice Board 3 x 2, Silver Aluminum Frame

Besides being easy and safe to mount, these bulletin boards have attractive, anti-scratch frames and rounded nylon corners. Whether you need it for your children’s playroom, school, or office, you can never go wrong with this board.
And to start you off, the boards come with 10 push pins which makes this a perfect buy.

6. Premium Cork Tiles 12’’ x 12’’

6. Premium Cork Tiles 12’’ x 12’’ – 1/2’’ Thick Cork Board – Bulletin Board – Mini Wall – Ultra Strong Self Adhesive Backing – 4 Pack

If you are tired of pins going through the board to ruin your wall, get one of these high-quality bulletin boards. The boards have a self-stick adhesive covering the back region, making it ideal for DIY.

However, you need to ensure that your wall is smooth and clean before installing the cock so it can stick properly. And if your walls are freshly painted, waiting for a few weeks before mounting your bulletin boards is recommended.
For smaller spaces, you can cut or trim your bulletin boards for a more perfect fit.

5. White Wood Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Roll

5. White Wood Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Roll

Made from non-woven fabric, this white wood makes beautiful, easy to install bulletin boards. The material is light in weight making it easier to hang without tearing or getting wrinkled like papers.

Better still, it’ll be easier to attach posters, notes, students’ work, and more using staples or takes without ripping. And when the time comes to remove the notes, you’ll not leave conscious holes on the bulletin boards.

4. Cork Board Tiles 10’’ x 10’’

4. Cork Board Tiles 10’’ x 10’’ – ½’’ Thick Bulletin Board Mini Wall with 50 Push Pins, Strong Self Adhesive Backing – 4 Pack

These are among the best bulletin boards that will safely hold the push pins without damaging the walls. The boards are made from high-quality natural cork that you can easily shape based on your preference.

Whether you need fun boards to decorate your walls or bulletins boards to showcase your pictures, you’ll never go wrong with this. Your mum, girlfriend, or daughter will definitely love this for a gift.

3. Umbra Bulletboard – Cork Board, Bulletin Board, and Magnetic Board for Walls

3. Umbra Bulletboard – Cork Board, Bulletin Board, and Magnetic Board for Walls – Modern Look with Dual Surface Design – Includes 12 Pushpins and 12 Magnets, 21 x 15 Inches

Besides having a contemporary design, these bulletin boards can accommodate either push pins or magnets. The bulletin board comes with twelve push pins, twelve magnets, and mounting hardware to make installation easier.
You can choose to install it upright or horizontally depending on the available space. And so you can keep your home or office clean, you’ll simply clean the boards by wiping with a wet cloth.

2. U Brands Cork Linen Bulletin Board

2. U Brands Cork Linen Bulletin Board, 30 x 20 Inches, White Wood Frame (2074U00-01)

This sturdy white wooden frame is ideal for homes, offices, schools, or other commercial places. The boards have a self-healing cork surface that is resistant to pin holes making them look good even with continued use.
And depending on the available space, you can easily mount it upright or horizontally.

1. Quartet Cork Board Bulletin Board

1. Quartet Cork Board Bulletin Board, 2’ x 3’ Framed Corkboard, Black Frame, Decorative Hanging Pin Board, Perfect for Home Office Décor, Home School Message Board or Vision Board (MWDB2436-BK)

If you are searching for the best bulletin boards where you can showcase your precious memories, make this your choice. The boards have a flexible mounting that allows you to either mount upright or horizontally.

And with black, classic frames, the boards will perfectly suit your home, office, school, and more.

What to Look for in Bulletin Boards?

If you need to buy bulletin boards for your home, school, office, or other commercial places, here’s what you should consider:

  • The Edges:
    You’ll most likely place your boards in places where there’s heavy traffic so more people can see it. If the edges are not well crafted, the bulletin boards can end up hurting people as they pass by.
    Get a bulletin board that has finished edges to keep everyone that comes into contact with it safe.
  • Color:
    For instance, if your wall color is white, buying a white board is not an option as most people will not notice it. Get a color that complements the wall color and one that most people will notice even with little attention.
    This said, you need to get a colorful, attractive board that will add beauty and appeal to your space.
  • Material:
    Since you don’t want to buy a bulletin board that will need replacement after a few days of use, check the quality. Go for the one that will not conceal pin holes and boards that will prevent your wall from damage.

Importance of Good Bulletin Boards for People

  • Efficient Communication Tool
    If you manage a school or an organization, using bulletin boards to communicate is highly recommended. You can advertise an upcoming event, show, job opening, or pin an important notice.
  • Enhances Better Bonding
    As people check out the information displayed on the boards, they will get time to socialize and bond. It will also create a sense of belonging as people share common information.
  • Great Motivating Tool
    If a school or an organization pins photos or names of people that are doing great in their duties, others will see and get motivated. They’ll want to have their names or photos appear next and for this, they’ll work super hard.
  • Wall Decor
    The best bulletin boards are not only great communication tools but make your wall beautiful. Better still, you can use the boards to cover an imperfect on the wall, making your space even more appealing.

Bulletin Boards FAQ:

Will bulletin boards destroy my wall?

No. most bulletin boards are made in a way that the pins will not get to the wall. With this, your walls will remain safe even with years of use.

Do I really need a bulletin board for my organization?

Yes, you do. Some information is best passed via bulletin boards for all to see over and over. For instance, if every time an employee passes by the board sees the progress of his colleagues, he’ll want to work harder to appear there.

How much do the best bulletin boards cost?

There are hundreds of bulletin boards in the market today sold at a wide range of prices. You will choose the one that best suits your budget and style.

How long do bulletin boards last?

If no one physically tampers with the boards, most of them can last for years with minimal care. You need to go for top-quality bulletin boards if you intend to use them for many years.

Wrap It Up

Though it may look simple and outdated at times, bulletin boards are an important communication tool. You can showcase your travel adventures, pass vital information, or simply use the boards to tell your story.

Better still, bulletin boards are a great addition to your home or office as they add beauty and appeal. If your wall has a defect, you can use a beautiful board to hide the defect, thereby making the wall more appealing.

However much technology advances, the use of bulletin boards will keep growing. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than buying the best bulletin boards!

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