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The Best Outdoor Storage Benches Waterproof in 2021

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If you require extra storage and an additional seating area to add beauty in your garden, an outdoor storage bench provides a combination of both characteristics. You can also have additional space for organizing garden equipment.

While at the same time having a seat to entertain your guests or enjoying quality time with your family members. Therefore, an outdoor storage bench is a piece of essential furniture to decorate your garden and backyard.

You need to make the right choice for your garden for which we have our top 8 best outdoor storage benches waterproof.

Why do you need an outdoor storage bench?

You need an outdoor storage bench to enjoy crisp and quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, an outdoor chair is impressive for enjoying a nice cup of tea, stargazing at night, reading books.

  1. Style:
    Choose a style that compliments your garden space. For some gardens, wooden benches might be an ideal option while for some traditional English outdoor benches. It entirely depends on the setting of your garden. If your garden has traditional centerpieces with a fountain, then you must go for some traditional outdoor bench.
  2. Is storage space required?
    In a world where every individual looks for various ways to save space as well as money, outdoor storage benches are perfect for them. A vital characteristic to consider is the space given with the stylish benches. You can store all your outdoor things. The outdoor storage bench keeps your things systematically. For example, your gardening tools, nuts and bolts, and small car parts.
  3. Cost:
    Your budget matters for us! The price range varies for the outdoor bench due to its different qualities. However, more expensive does not mean better quality. It is recommended not to go for the cheapest one available but examine the build quality and its sturdiness.

Let’s take a look best seller & special offer

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Top 8 Picks

Our team has specialized in shortlisting the best outdoor benches for you. I hope you will be able to make the best buying decision!

8. 4 Foot Outdoor Loveseat 50 Inch

8. 4 Foot Outdoor Loveseat 50 Inch Wide Storage Bench Deck Box All-Weather Waterproof Arm Garden Seat & eBook

This 4 Foot Wide Outdoor Loveseat is a storage space-saver bench to maintain your external devices like grill accessories, kid’s toys, seat pillows, and cushions, concealed for a neat and also organized look. It has great features such as it is strong, durable material building and development, offering excellent resilience.

It is firm enough, so no worry of wind propelling it around, very resolute, and has a high back. There is also no need for maintenance and no leaking worry at all. The additional basket underneath is enormous and provides a lot of storage space, making it efficient. The greatest thing about it is that any standard size bench cushion will fit the bench also.


. Easy to assemble
. Provides enough space for seating
. Compact and comfortable

7. 50 Inch Wide Storage Bench

7. 50 Inch Wide Storage Bench

The massive capacity of the material resin deck box facilitates functional storage space of yard devices such as snow equipment, swimming pool products, playthings, chair padding as well as even more. Its stay-dry structure safeguards your kept products as well as keeps them tidy as well as dry.

The bench is an eye-catching as well as flexible storage space and also company choice for your yard, outdoor patio, deck. It is a combination of the best quality materials with the all-time classic style and the new character that this multi-purpose space saver sofa table provides. It makes it the best looking outdoor bench along with some great features.


. Durable and Long-Lasting
. All-Weather Resistant
. Bench With Large Storage Compartment

6. 4ft Storage Bench 73 Gallon

6. 4ft Storage Bench 73 Gallon Patio Resin Rattan Lidded Storage Box Mocha Brown Large

This 4ft storage bench, made of long-lasting rattan resin wicker mocha brown design with handles for easy transport which makes it portable enough to carry it around. It has a comprehensive and waterproof container and a suitable resolution for the secure storage of many kinds of gardening or outdoor recreation entertainment.
It is very spacious, and this 4ft storage bench with 73 gallons storage capacity holds pool toys, pillows seat cushions even a garden hose.


. Portable
. Decorative and modern 4ft storage bench
. Large and waterproof container

5. Resin Storage Bench Large 55 Gall Rattan Style

5. Resin Storage Bench Large 55 Gall Rattan Style Patio Seat Waterproof Storage Container

This Resin Storage Bench is made with high-quality, durable plastic. It is weather resistant, and double polypropylene resin aerated wall maintains contents dry, with handles for easy portability, making it long-lasting. This beautiful designed Resin Storage Bench is convenient for Garden, Backyard, Utility Room, Garage, and useful to store various things such as armchair cushions, garden tools, toys, games, etc.


. Minimal maintenance
. Very easy to clean
. Used as a seat or coffee table

4. Plastic Storage Deck Durable Weather Resistant

4. Plastic Storage Deck Durable Weather Resistant (Rain, sun, and snow)

Patio Storage Boxes is a Durable Storage Ottoman with a high-quality frame that will add character to your favorite outdoor place. These high-quality all-weather materials of the Patio storage bench will be ideal for any garden or indoor location.
The ample closed storage space will provide all your storage needs and will add a decorative design to any indoor room or garden.


. Durable
. Weather-resistant
. Combine storage capacity

3. Festnight Storage Bench Acacia Wood Garden Deck Box

3. Festnight Storage Bench Acacia Wood Garden Deck Box

This 2 1 multi-purpose storage bench features a rustic yet charm design. This bench with a large storage section underneath makes it perfect for stocking cushions, kids’ toys, tools, and other accessories.
One should be grateful to the water-resistant lining, which makes the contents inside the storage chest dry and safe.

This bench is made of high-built solid acacia wood with a light oil finish and an inner waterproof design, which is weather-resistant and durable for years of use.


. Easy To Assemble
. Bench Dimension 59″X19.7″ X22.8”
. Weather-Resistant And Sturdy

2. HooLeen Deck Storage Box Acacia Wood

2. HooLeen Deck Storage Box Acacia Wood, Outdoor Storage Bench Garden Deck Box

This bench is made of solid acacia wood with a light oil finish and an inner waterproof lining making it weather-resistant and durable for years of use.
This multi-functional storage bench features a beautiful design that is rustic yet charm. This bench with a grand storage compartment underneath will be ideal for storing cushions, kids’ toys, tools, and other accessories.
. Convenient
. Multifunctional
. Dimensions 46.1x19x22.8

1. Suncast 99 Gallon Patio Storage Box

1. Suncast 99 Gallon Patio Storage Box - Large Water Resistant Outdoor Storage Container for Patio Furniture

It has a beautiful plastic outdoor box with a 99-gallon capacity for patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, and shed storage! This Water-resistant poly resin construction resists fading and protects from rust to keep your box looking new for years to come. One can store pool toys, grill supplies, tools, gardening items, sports equipment, patio furniture, and more.


. Durable
. Versatile
. Deck Storage Box

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Buying Guides of Outdoor Storage Benches Waterproof

We have a list of factors that you should consider when purchasing an outdoor storage bench.


Are you finding an outdoor garden bench for a small or large area? If you have a large garden, then you must purchase a bigger benches, so it doesn’t look empty. Whereas people with more miniature garden must look for small benches. Just ensure the size and design of the benches complement the look of your garden.
A rule that one must not forget when purchasing the outdoor benches; they must have enough space to accommodate your family and guests. Also, it can hold the weight of adults. The material used and design must ensure the structural integrity of the benches after multiple uses.

What material is used on an outdoor bench?

The material used in the manufacturing of the bench and most importantly, the design reflects its life, such as would it last for a long-term or not. Some of the essential materials that are used in the manufacturing of benches, and the buyers must consider that are the following:


If you want to have a natural outdoor look, then you must opt for a wooden outdoor bench. To identify the best-quality wood used in the bench to locate center-cut heartwood lumber with a consistent grain. It must be screwed with stainless-steel screws or zinc plated. Screws used to assemble an outdoor bench make it stronger, so it does not create imbalance. The ideal types of wood include:


This comes from a tropical tree that makes the perfect type of outdoor bench. Even if it is exposed to external elements, it will last for at least 50 years. Due to the following factor, teak is costly. Some individuals even apply oil annually just to maintain the natural reddish-brown polish of it.


These turn into silvery gray unless painted or sealed. However, if kept well-maintained, then it may last for years. Moreover, cedar is expensive than pine.

Australian Jarrah:

Similar to teak, it is considered a durable wood that can last for decades. It has deep reddish tones that further beautifies and adds warmth to the look of the outdoor storage bench.
Natural wood
This is obtained from roughly cut tree branches, which are not strong enough to withstand the harsh external elements.


Just like wood, one must also consider the properties of an outdoor metal bench that would protect it against the harsh weather. The following type you must consider for metal outdoor storage bench:

Cast aluminum: It is heavy and has elegant styles, which makes it more expensive than extruded aluminum.

Ornate iron: The beautiful curves on an ornate iron bench describes the Victorian era style perfectly.

Retro metal: Makes the benches look stylish along with a moderate price

Extruded aluminum: Makes benches light in weight, however, it is not strong enough as compared to cast aluminum.

Wrap it up:

We aim to guide you about how to decide which Outdoor Storage Benches you need. For this, we owed you a buyer’s guide and reviews of the best weight benches available. We hope that all of this has equipped you enough to get the best one for yourself.

There are a variety of outdoor benches available in the market. You need to ensure that your requirements meet, such as budget, weather condition of the region you reside in and most importantly style.

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