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The Best Outdoor Solar Deck Lights Reviews in 2021

Best Outdoor Solar Deck Lights

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Outdoor solar deck lights are used for outdoor illumination for the enhancement and purposes of safety and security. These lights also provide nighttime aesthetics and accessibility.

There is a wide variety of deck lights in the market that come up with different features.

Choosing which brand of solar deck lights to purchase can be difficult, and the purpose of this guide is to ease that decision.
Solar deck lights come in handy in many ways. Perhaps the most common reason why people install outdoor solar deck lights is security. Not only do these lights provide lighting, but also some have motion sensors that alert you when there is a movement within certain distances.

By providing lighting outdoors, these solar deck lights also offer safety. We all know how unsafe operating in the dark can be. The solar deck lights provide lighting to avoid any accidents or incidences.

Firstly, let take a look at the editor’s picks :

This informative and comprehensive guide will look into eight of the best outdoor solar deck lights available in the market.

Let us proceed!

8. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights 4 LED Deck

  • They are power efficient :
    Once they get charged under direct sunlight for 8 hours, they will automatically remain turned on for 15 hours at night. They offer 6 Lumen white light with 4 LEDs.
  • Easy to install:
    You can install these deck lights anywhere you want using simple screws. There is no wiring needed in the installation process.
    Can be installed in a wide range of locations – They are made with an elegant design comprising of an aluminum alloy, solar panels, 4 LEDs and a storage battery. This design makes the solar deck lights usable in yards, parking lots, resorts, driveways, streets, and even swimming pools.
  • Waterproof capability :
    The aluminum alloy used to make the lights makes them usable in all kinds of outdoor conditions. These outdoor solar deck lights remain outside in rainy weather without getting damaged. They do not rust even when they are installed at the seaside. IPX68 and sealing ensure normal illumination in all kinds of weather and even under not more than 1 meter of water.
  • Quality and resistance to pressure:
    These lights are resistant to the pressure of up to 5 tons. Humans and standard cars will not damage these sturdy deck lights. They are made of high-quality components that are not easily damaged. You can rest assured they will remain useful for many years to come. They are specially designed to be installed on roads and paths to provide sufficient lighting and prevent any accidents or incidences.

7. Yacikos Ya-46LED-2Pack [46 LEDs]

  • Brighter and wider solar lights:
    With 46 LEDs, these solar powered deck lights with motion sensors are ideal for greater illumination, security, and safety purposes. They are perfect for a variety of locations including gardens, deck garage, backyards, and driveways. They have powerful sensors with high motion sensitivity of up to 8 feet and at angles of 180 degrees.
  • Multiple modes of solar deck lights:
    These are not your typical single-mode outdoor solar deck lights. These have three optional modes to choose from depending on your unique preferences. They turn on automatically when night falls and turn off at sunrise. These lights turn brighter when motion is detected and automatically switch back to normal brightness 30 seconds after the motion is no longer detected. If a motion is detected once again, it automatically prolongs lighting time.
  • Waterproof and energy-efficient:
    The solar panel installed in these lights converts up to 20% of the sunlight into electric energy that is stored in the battery during the daytime. This provides enough energy to remain powered all through the night. These solar deck lights have an FCC certification for being IP65 waterproof. They are made of high-impact ABS which cannot be damaged by harsh weather such as snow and rain.
  • Easy to install:
    You don’t need an expensive wire installation for these solar deck lights. You just have to install them with the screws provided to you when you purchase the deck lights. The recommended installation height is 6-14 feet.

6. Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Ultra-bright Outdoor solar deck lights:
    Their 28 LEDs provide excellent illumination of up to 400 lumens. These solar-powered lights have motion sensors for extra safety and security.
  • Eco-friendly:
    Exposure to sunlight automatically charges these deck lights. Eight hours of daytime charging will provide up to 10 hours of illumination at night.
  • Motion Sensors :
    The motion sensor detector is wireless and super-sensitive. It detects people that are up to 26 feet away and within a 120 degrees angle.
  • Easy installation:
    These solar deck lights have two keyholes at the back for easy hanging on and off the screws. Hanging can be done within seconds, and there is no complicated wiring that is needed.
  • Waterproof and heatproof:
    The outdoor solar deck lights are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are perfect for wall, lawn, gutter, pathway, and even garden. Their IP65 waterproof capability ensures durability. They are also heatproof and are made of high impact ABS material for extra sturdiness.

5. Solar Lights Outdoor [60 LEDs]

  • High-performance solar:
    Powered outdoor lights – these 60 LED lights automatically acquire charge from sunlight during the day and store the charge in the battery for illumination during the night. They are fast charging for longer illumination hours. They have powerful motion sensors capable of sensing motion from up to 17 feet. The motion sensor has a sensing angle of 270 degrees.
  • Weather-resistant lights:
    These solar deck lights are waterproof and have the FCC waterproof certification. The high-impact ABS material used to make the lights ensures that they can withstand snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Automatic on and off capability:
    When motion is detected at night, they automatically turn on. The deck lights automatically turn off 30 seconds after motion is no longer detected.
  • Easy to install:
    There is no wiring needed while installing these solar deck lights. All you have to do is use the screws provided when you buy the lights. It only takes a few minutes and is a straightforward process. The recommended installation height is from 6 to 14 feet.
  • Durability:
    With a high-quality and user-friendly design, these outdoor solar deck lights are made to operate flawlessly for long periods. All the components are of top-quality.

4. Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LEDs

  • Super-bright solar-powered lights:
    These outdoor solar deck lights have 100 LEDs for superior illumination. They provide illumination of up to 2000 lumens, much brighter than most of the deck lights in the market. These deck lights are ideal for lighting up your pathway or backyard. They are however usable in multiple places to boost safety and security.
  • Motion sensor-enabled:
    The built-in PIR motion sensor in these solar deck lights has a 125-degree detection angle and can detect motion from up to 26 feet. It is excellent for security.
  • Power efficient and environmentally friendly:
    These deck lights have a 2600mAH Li-ion battery that is solar charged. After a day-long charging, the outdoor solar deck lights will have enough power to illuminate for over 12 hours. They have a 50,000-hour lifespan which is much longer than most of the other outdoor lights with dime mode.
  • Installation is straightforward:
    no wiring is required to install these awesome deck lights. You can either use adhesive tape or simply use the screws that come with the lights package.
  • High-quality and waterproof:
    The lights are made of sturdy ABS material, and all the components are of top-notch quality. They are IP65 waterproof and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. These outdoor solar deck lights are built to last for many years without losing their effectiveness.

3. OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights Wall Mount Decorative Deck Lighting

  • Beautiful design and decorative light :
    A honey-comb type of cut in the plastic cover makes the outdoor solar deck lights to give off a great design of illumination. The light design is decorative and not spotlight.
  • A built-in sensor and automated switch:
    These deck lights automatically turn off when day breaks and turn on at nightfall.
  • Durable:
    They are made of durable plastic capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rains, and snow. You will get to enjoy the beauty produced by these lights for a very long time.
  • Super easy installation:
    Installation can be done in less than a minute. There is no wiring involved in the installation process. The compact design of these solar deck lights makes the installation very flexible. All you need to do is take off the cover and use the two attached screws to mount the lights and then put on the cover. Ensure that the solar panel faces direct sunlight.

2. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Motion sensor-enabled:
    When it is dark the motion sensor deck lights will light up if motion is detected within a distance of up to 16 feet and at a 125-degree angle. The lights automatically go off 30 seconds after the motion is no longer detected.
  • Very bright, solar deck lights :
    These lights have 100 LEDs producing 2000 Lumens of light. It is one of the brightest deck lights in the market. They are the perfect lights for security, safety, and lighting needs. When exposed to direct sunlight for 6-8 hours during the day, they will charge and store enough power to illuminate for up to 12 hours when night falls.
  • Wireless installation:
    There is no wiring needed in the installation. The process is fast and straightforward.
  • Durable outdoor solar deck lights:
    These lights are made of strong ABS material. They are waterproof, dustproof, heatproof, and frost proof. When installed on the outdoor wall, front door, backyard, or pathway, they will remain undamaged and functioning properly for a long time.

1. New Upgraded 48 LED Solar Lights with Wide Angle Illumination

  • Super-bright outdoor deck lights:
    These lights have 48 LEDs for bright illumination. They are designed in a way that ensures illumination at a wide-angle. The corner LEDs emit extra light which makes these outdoor solar deck lights more efficient.
  • Motion sensor detection:
    The high sensitivity PIR sensor detects motion within a distance of up to 26 feet and at a 120-degree angle.
  • Great battery:
    These lights are installed with a 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is efficient at power storage and has a longer useful life.
  • A variety of modes:
    3 modes are availed to you so you can choose which option you most prefer depending on your lighting, safety, and security needs. The lights turn off automatically at daybreak and begin to charge. It turns on automatically at nightfall. If the light is dim, it becomes brighter if there is detected motion. The lights turn on automatically if they detect motion while they are off.
  • Durability and strength:
    These outdoor solar deck lights are IP64 waterproof and are also heatproof. They offer the perfect lighting for outdoor walls, gardens, pathways, gutters, lawns, and many other places. They can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, and snow.
  • Power efficiency:
    The solar panels automatically absorb sunlight and convert it to electric energy for use by the deck lights. The monocrystalline silicon solar panels convert up to 19% of the sunlight that falls on them into electrical energy. These outdoor solar deck lights do not use any external source of power as the solar energy system can sustain them.

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Buying Guides of Outdoor Solar Deck Light

  • Preferred Features:

    Outdoor solar deck lights come with different features. One of the most preferred features of these lights is motion sensors. Different deck lights provide different light intensity — this depends on the number of light-emitting diodes (LED) that are in the deck lights. Depending on the kind of battery installed in the solar deck lights, different lights have different lighting duration when fully charged. Some lights can illuminate for longer periods, when fully charged, compared to others.
    The solar panels installed in the solar deck lights affect their performance as well. Some of the solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy more efficiently than others. This enables faster charging of the batteries.

  • Energy:

    Another favorable feature of outdoor solar deck lights is that they do not require any external energy source other than solar charging. This makes them cost-efficient in the long run. It also makes them environmentally friendly.

  • Installations:

    Some of the deck lights are very easy to install, and they don’t require any kind of wiring during the installation process. You won’t need to hire an electrician to install these deck lights as you can do it yourself within a short period.

  • Material:

    Some of the solar deck lights are made of durable material, and the components are of high quality. This ensures that you get to use these lights for long periods. They are waterproof, and some are even dustproof at varying extents.

  • Placements:

    Solar deck lights can be installed in a wide range of locations. Solar deck lights can be placed on roads and pathways for better viewing. They can also be placed in places such as yards, gardens, parking lots, and walls. They are multi-purpose lights.

  • Price:

    They are inexpensive, and you will get value for your money.

Wrap it up

We have discussed the features and characteristics of some of the best deck lights in existence. A decision on what solar deck lights to purchase is highly dependent on your individual preferences. Some people may prefer brighter deck lights while others may prioritize the sensitivity of motion sensors in the lights.

It all depends on what you prefer most. The brightness provided by the lights is an important consideration. We suggest that you check the number of LEDs and the amount of light produced when buying deck lights.

Other top considerations include power efficiency and the type of battery. Where you want to install the outdoor solar deck lights may also influence your choice. Durability is another important factor that should focus on. After all, everyone would prefer deck lights that will last for longer periods.

Buying deck lights that made with strong material is therefore recommended. We hope that this guide will help you make the best decision.

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