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The Best Outdoor Push Brooms Reviews in 2021

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Brooms are a necessity for everyone. Every household, office, clinic, shop, building, and every other place where people move around need a broom. Brooms are an essential tool for cleanliness, consisting of a long cylindrical handle made of either wood or metal and a brush made of stiff fibers to sweep and trap the dust. Dustpans are a complementary good used in conjunction with brooms.

Brooms are something that you will just encounter multiple times every day. You clean your house with a broom. When you leave your house, and you see the society cleaner cleaning the warm-colored autumn leaves with a broom from under the tree. Look around and you will see another cleaner cleaning dust and other trash from the street.

Types of Booms:

Brooms are generally divided into two basic categories: soft brooms and hard brooms. Soft brooms are mainly used to clean walls and other scratch sensitive surfaces. People mainly use soft brooms to clean the spider-webs and other dirt materials that tend to accumulate such surfaces over time.

You use outdoor brooms to clean sidewalks, patios, porches, and other floors. You generally hard brooms for the outdoors, where the dirt and dust in greater in quantity and need to be swept away. In such places, there is also a lesser threat of the hard broom scratching or damaging the floor or sidewalk.

What makes brooms and push brooms different?

Brooms may have long handles or relatively shorter handles. You may choose between these two alternatives depending on your preferences, as well as the area which you have to sweep. If you need to clean a large area, you should use a long-handled broom so that you can clean without having too much stress on your back.

A push broom is defined as a broom that has a wide long-handled brush, and the user can push it easily while cleaning. This article emphasizes the best outdoor push brooms that you can buy in 2018. Before we get to the actual list of the top 10 best push brooms, let’s consider why you need to buy a push broom, as well as some crucial factors that you have to consider before deciding which push broom to purchase.

Why do you need to buy a push broom?

Push brooms, unlike ordinary brooms, are much simpler to use. You can easily push them around and clean your house. Their long handle and wide brush allow a large area to be swept without much hassle.

What Factors do you need to consider when selecting a push broom?

  1. The Type of Floor you are cleaning:
    To consider which type of bristles suit you the most, you will need to first look at the type of surface you will have to sweep. If the floor is soft and smooth, you need to take a broom with soft bristles. For harder surfaces, you will need a push broom with hard bristles. For cleaning carpets, you will have to purchase a carpet broom.
  2. The debris you will have to clean:
    You will need to consider the debris you intend to clean as an important factor when deciding which type of bristles to purchase. Soft bristles are good at trapping small and soft materials, whereas hard bristles are good at trapping, as well as sweeping away larger debris such as leaves and stones.
  3. Where you will be cleaning:
    Generally, you should be using stiff-bristle brooms for the outdoors, and soft bristle brooms for the indoors. Additionally, the angle is also important. You should use an angle broom if you are planning to clean tight corners or hard to reach areas. These areas tend to have spider webs that you will have to clean. If you are cleaning a flat and easy to clean area, push brooms are the most efficient.
  4. The length of the broom handle:
    The length of the handle depends on your preferences as mentioned above. Most people would recommend a long handle for large areas so that you can move the push broom to farther areas with relative ease. Long brooms also prevent potential back problems.
  5. The width of the brush:
    A broad-brush covers a larger surface area, thus improving efficiency in cleaning. Therefore, you may choose to buy a wider brush in order to clean quickly and effectively. However, wider brushes may become tough to use in small and tight spaces. Therefore you will have to give this great importance when selecting your push broom.
  6. The price:
    Of course, money is an essential aspect. For this, you need to consider how frequently you use the push broom. If you are purchasing it for your office, store or restaurant, where you are likely to use it very frequently, you may choose a slightly expensive option, giving you better quality. If you need for household use, where you may use it perhaps once a week at most, then you can choose to go with the cheaper option, which delivers perhaps relatively lower quality. The purpose of the buyer’s guide given above is so that if you are unable to decide your favorite option from the ten best push brooms given below, then you may consider these factors and decide which one suits you the most.

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10. Libman’s Home and Commercial Sweep Push Broom

10. Libman’s Home and Commercial Sweep Push Broom

You can use this vibrant colored broom for both households as well as commercial purposes. You can use it to clean both indoors and outdoors. Good news for you back and posture, it comes with a very long 53-inch handle making it easy to clean. It has an 11-inch brush giving a large surface area for cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, each bristle on this brush is 13 inches wide, thus adding to the cleanliness effect, as they can trap minute dust particles. You can easily use this product to clean kitchens and washrooms. You can easily pick it up and carry it around as it has a very lightweight.


  • Long 53-inch handle.
  • 11-inch brush.
  • Lightweight

9. Quickie Bulldozer 24-inch Soft Sweep Push Broom

9. Quickie Bulldozer 24-inch Soft Sweep Push Broom

This push broom by Quickie has a long 60-inch powder-coated steel handle. The length is once again good news for your back, and posture as this will improve comfort while also making it easy to sweep a large area.

The powder-coated steel makes it comfortable to grip as well. The girth of the handle is also quite effective and easy to use as it has a 15/16 inch diameter. It additionally has a swivel tip grip, which enables off the floor storage. It has a 24-inch brush which allows you to cover a large area when cleaning.


  • 60-inch powder-coated steel handle.
  • Wide 24-inch brush
  • Easy to grip.

8. Quickie 2 in 1 Squeegee Push broom

8. Quickie 2 in 1 Squeegee Push broom

Yet another product from Quickie gives you a two in one option with an added squeegee which allows you to wipe liquids as well as the solid particles that you wipe with the broom.

The handle, however, is relatively small- 6 inches. This means that you can use this product to clean easy to reach places, which are level with your arms and shoulders.

The built-in squeegee is of great quality a well. What is unique about this product is the fact that the brush has soft inner fibers, and hard outer fibers thus making it ideal to use on medium textured surfaces.


  • Brush made of heavy-duty resin
  • Small handle was 6 inches long.
  • Built-in squeegee.

7. Quickie Bulldozer 18 inch Poly Split Fiber Push Broom

7. Quickie Bulldozer 18 inch Poly Split Fiber Push Broom

Manufactured by Quickie, this push broom has as 60-inch powder coated handle which makes it comfortable to grip. The long handle makes it easy to clean large areas without having too much pain in your back. The handle also has a girth of 15/16 inches which makes it easy to grip and hole when cleaning.

The handle also has a swivel hang-up feature for you to store the object. The stiff inner fibers help clean hard surfaces such as concrete and wood; while the soft inner fibers enable you to clean soft dirt and dust. The uniqueness of this product lies in the split-tip polypropylene fibers which make indoor and outdoor cleaning very effective.


  • Easy to grip.
  • Swivel for hanging
  • Long 60-inch handle.
  • Stiff inner fibers
  • Soft inner fibers.

6. Quickie Bulldozer 24-inch Tampico Push broom

6. Quickie Bulldozer 24-inch Tampico Push broom

The Tampico by Quickie is ideal to clean light debris. It has a long 60-inch handle, thus allowing you to clean large areas quite easily, without causing stress.

Additionally, the powder-coated long handle prevents your hand from getting marks. The width of the brush covers a large surface area while cleaning.


  • Comes with a swivel tip.
  • You can hang the broom with the swivel tip.
  • Powder-coated handle prevents your hands from getting hurt.
  • Bristles are made of special Tampico Fibers
  • The brush is 24 inches long.

5. O-Cedar Professional 24″ Palmyra Rough-Surface Push Broom

5. O-Cedar Professional 24

This heavy-duty push broom manufactured by O-Cedar is very effective in wiping out hard debris outdoors such as gravel and soil.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has Maxi-Lok technology as well as an anti-rotation socket, which stops the broom head from coming off the handle.


  • Made of 80% recycled material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong durable plastic

4. Ravage Rubber Broom & Squeegee

4. Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee

This two in one product by Ravmag can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it to clean carpets, hardwood floors, windows, and decks, thus showing the diverse range of uses this can cater to.

Additionally, it is also water-resistant, as complemented by the squeegee. It is an extra-long push broom, allowing cleaning to be quite easy. Thus, you can easily clean in less time. It can function on dry as well as wet surfaces. Additionally, the squeegee allows you to wipe surfaces.


  • Natural rubber bristles
  • A 2 in 1 product.
  • Has an attached squeegee
  • 55 inch long handle.
  • Sturdy handle.
  • The handle doesn’t break easily.
  • Comfortable to use powder coated handle.

3. Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi-Surface Push Broom

3. Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi-Surface Push Broom

This Multi-purpose push broom by Quickie can even be used to clean sand and grass. It has a special foam cushion grip on its handle thus enhancing comfort.

The handle is also extra-long, 60 inches, with a girth of 15/16 inches and a powder-coated handle, making it very comfortable and easy to use while cleaning large areas. These features make this product ideal from medium textured surfaces as well.


  • Multi-Purpose push broom
  • Can clean sand and grass.
  • Both soft and stiff polypropylene fibers.

2. O-Cedar Professional 24″ Rough-Surface Push Broom

2. O-Cedar Professional 24

This is a strong and sturdy product. Use it fearlessly as it will not break easily. It is made of strong and sturdy plastic, thus you can easily use this push broom to clean rough surfaces.

You can also clean a large surface area due to the 24-inch wide brush. Therefore, this brush is very reliable.


  • Anti-rotation socket prevents the handle from coming out of the broom head.
  • 80% recycled material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong firm plastic.
  • It doesn’t break easily.

1. Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee

1. Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee

This push broom by LandHope is an extra-long push broom, as it has a 55.1-inch handle. It is a 2 in 1 product as it also has an attached squeegee. The brush is especially designed to remove cat and dog fur from your carpets and rugs.

The long handle allows effortless sweeping of very large areas and doesn’t force you to bend or stoop, thus preventing back-related problems that can occur.

Additionally, you can use this product to clean wet surfaces, due to its water-resistant properties. Once this is done, you can also use the squeegee to wipe the wetness.


  • Long handle to clean large areas
  • An attached squeegee can wipe wet surfaces.
  • Water-resistant

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Wrap it Up


We have given you a list of the ten best outdoor push brooms in 2018. This list hosts a variety of features for you to choose from.

The buyer’s guide given above should give you a good idea of what you need to look for in a push broom. You may choose your product from this list depending on your preferences and needs.

All the above products already have positive feedback from the customers. So, you can stay sure about the quality.

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