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The Best Beer Kegerators and Dispensers on the Market for 2021

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For the true beer aficionado, there is no better testament to their appreciation of beer than owning a kegerator. For those not in the know as to what a kegerator is (and shame on you if you don’t!), a kegerator is simply a personalized beer dispenser.

As kegerators keep the beer conditioned properly to its specifications, a kegerator will dispense an authentic draught beer from the comfort of your own home.

What Are Some of the Best Kegerators on the Market ?

We have gone out and researched kegerators for form, fit and functionality and here is a list of among the best we have found.

Number 8: The Kuppet Full Size Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser.

Coming in at around the mid $400.00 range, the Kuppet Full Size Kegerator is the type of mobile beer dispenser that is great to have for gatherings and summer parties. Its mobility is due to four locking casters that allow for the unit to roll easily from one area of your venue to the next – a handy feature for when you want it outdoors in summer and indoors during the winter.

A single tap unit, this kegerator can hold up to a quarter keg, American, which should be enough to meet all but the needs of a significant blow-out party.

Besides, sporting stainless steel construction and attractive lines, this unit is very sturdy, pleasing to look at and built to last, and that includes the included components.

Not planning on using its beer capability for a while, then it can double as an extra fridge.


  • Stainless steel design
  • Reversible door
  • Easily converted to all refrigerators for extra refrigeration

Number 7: COSTWAY 6.1 CU. FT Full Size Kegerator

A slightly more expensive unit coming in somewhere near the low $500.00’s, this is another full-size beer dispenser. The Costway Full Size Kegerator is another type of mobile beer dispenser that is great to have for gatherings and summer parties. Like the Kuppet, it also sports four locking casters that allow for the unit to roll smoothly. This beer dispenser can accommodate up to a half keg, American and contains a temperature control that enables you to keep your favorite beer conditioned and ready to go.

This unit can be easily moved by virtually anyone as it weighs in the neighborhood of only 84 lbs. The cooling compressor is eco-friendly due to both its low power consumption and its non-toxic refrigerant.

Other features include an excellent intuitive design, with slide rails to keep your glasses on the deck when pouring your beer, and it offers dual function as an extra refrigerator.

The unit arrives complete with all the components necessary to put it to use.


  • Easy to adjust the temperature.
  • Can be converted to a regular refrigerator.
  • Removable built-in drip tray.

Number 6: Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap Beer Refrigerator and Dispenser

At just around $600.00, this is a more versatile beer dispenser. This unit enters into sizeable soiree territory. Boasting a freshness range of nearly three months, this unit has the CO2 capacity to support a full-sized keg and is approved by the Underwriters Laboratory for commercial applications.

At 49 inches high and right around 2 feet square, the unit will fit nicely into any out of the way corner or convenient alcove. However, you won’t want to hide it; it sports a sleek and modern looking black finish that looks great as a centerpiece. The four locking casters ensure that you can move this one with ease anywhere you want to go.

This product’s unit arrives complete with all the components necessary to put it to use.


  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Keeps beer fresh longer.
  • Smooth-rolling casters.

Number 5: The SUB Home Draft Beer Appliance by Krups

Krups is known for quality products, and this personalized beer dispenser meets their standards. Easy to assemble and small enough to sit unobtrusively on your countertop, the unit can hold roughly a six-pack of beer. Priced in the sub $100.00 range, this unit is easily affordable and sets up quickly.

Using custom TORPS “mini-kegs,” purchased separately, this unit keeps your beer compressed and draft-fresh as long as needed.

You have the option of joining a TORPS delivery program wherein you receive four of these mini kegs per month.

A great deal !


  • Easy to assembled.
  • Mini and comfort design.
  • Fresh beer delivered by Hopsy.

Number 4: Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator

A pricier unit in the mid $800.00 range, this kegerator/beer dispenser boasts two taps and all the hardware you need to make them work. Working up to two five-gallon kegs at a time, this unit is reliable and efficient. The five-pound CO2 unit is made of aluminum and needs to be pressurized before the unit is operable.

Again, this unit has rolling and locking casters that make it easy to position. The easy to read digital display makes temperature setting and monitoring a breeze. Speaking of temperature, the Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler and Refrigerator possesses a broad spectrum of temperature options, allowing you to dial it in for the brew of your choice.

The unit even has a unique “deep chill” function that allows you to quickly bring your keg(s) of beer to their optimum serving temperature.

In every respect, Kegco has put much attention into every detail of this unit, and the result is a handsome, rugged beer dispenser that will last you a lifetime without hassle.


  • A spacious interior design – Full size keg.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Guardrail protection – prevent glasses from sliding off.
  • Digital temperature display.

Number 3: Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser

The Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser is a neat little countertop unit priced in the low $100.00’s. Its claim to fame is that it “converts any can or bottle into a ‘Nitro-Style’ draft.” The unit is an upgrade from Fizzics previous offerings and can be powered by two AA batteries or a standard USB connection.

This dispenser is a nice looking and sturdy countertop unit perfect for any beer lover and especially welcome in a small house or apartment. Moreover, it’s small enough that you can pack it along on trips!

Heavy construction materials ensure this unit lasts a long time, and it can accommodate a variety of sizes in beer cans or bottle. Fizzics unique “DraftPour” technology ensures that your glass full of beer is stocked with attractive uniform bubbles for a smooth head.

This beer dispenser’s unit will be your first stop on the way from the refrigerator to your beer glass because you no longer have to miss that pub draft taste.

Easy to use and to clean, this unit makes a great gift !


  • Micro-Foam technology plus a USB power.
  • Faster pour model.
  • Accommodates all bottle/can size of beer.
  • Convenient design fit to home bar & outdoor.

Number 2: Nostalgia KRS2150 Full-Size Kegerator Stainless-Steel Draft Beer Dispenser

Nostalgia KRS2150 Full Size Kegerator is definitely for the beer aficionado, who wants a mid-end solid unit. Priced competitively in the $1100.00 range, this full-sized kegerator weighs in at 85 pounds and measures a stout 26x32x30 inches.

On top of that, it is lean enough to store where you need it and robust enough to accommodate all but the most considerable keg style. Stainless steel construction ensures that the unit is rugged and easy to clean.

If you are using a smaller sized keg, this is a great place to store accouterments for your other drinks. The KRS2150 ships with all the parts needed to set up shop.

Are you worried about CO2 pressure and its effects on the beer?

Don’t worry – you can control that and pour yourself or your guests a perfect head of beer every time.


  • Easy pull and release dispensing.
  • Stainless steel removable drip tray.
  • Interior wall design & easy mobility.
  • Adjustable temperature.

Number 1: EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

This unit by EdgeStar really brings home the value for the money. Coming in at a price range of around the mid-$400.00’s the unit accommodates up to a one-half keg in size. Also, the adjustable temperature range for this unit is a comfortable 30’s to 40’s F, which provides you with enough leeway to host your favorite beer. The unit weighs in at an easy to maneuver 82 lbs. and its out dimensions make operations very comfortable.

The insulated tower means that your beer held between the keg and the tap does not lose its chill. Additionally, this single tap unit has an exceptionally quiet motor and an external five-pound CO2 tank for easy change-out.

Adjust the pressure to your liking and pour yourself the beer you deserve! Ensure that the kegs you purchase for this unit are not the oversized ones with the rubberized connections. Otherwise, you will be out in the cold.

An excellent unit with plenty of versatility for your man-cave, patio, or bar. Excellent draft beer time after time !


  • US Standard size.
  • Easily convert to refrigerator.
  • Easy mobility.
  • Stainless steel version design.
  • Freestanding use.
  • Warranty.

Buying Guides of Beer Kegerators and Dispensers

How Do Kegerators Work ?

Kegerators are mainly specialized refrigerators explicitly designed for the conditioning, maintenance, and delivery of tasty, fresh beer.

The system is simple, a small refrigeration unit, which is used to house the keg, and connecting apparatus tied to a CO2 unit, helps to keep a keg of beer fresh for an extended period. It’s like having your favorite beer from the local pub on tap and available at any time.

Whenever you feel like a draught beer, you access the tap as would any professional bartender!

Why Own a Kegerator ?

If you are a real beer lover, then you don’t have to ask this question; if you are a real beer lover and have asked this question, then read on.

The difference between a beer from your fridge and a beer from a kegerator is like night and day. Your refrigerator is set to one specific temperature to keep everything in it fresh for a while.

A kegerator, on the other hand, is specifically designed to keep your choice of brew conditioned at the optimum temperature, and this is possibly the most significant distinction between the two; it’s kind of like the difference between eating canned food and eating fresh food.

How to Go About Choosing a Kegerator ?

After price, probably the most crucial consideration when it comes to choosing a kegerator is how you intend to use it. They range in size from large (that is, they can accommodate a full keg) to small (they can condition a can of beer for you on demand).

If you do much entertaining or enjoy having a beer or two when you get home from work, a larger unit may be what you should choose.

Otherwise, you may find a small or mid-sized unit more suitable for your needs.

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