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The Best Bowling Toy Set for Kids Reviews in 2021

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Acquiring the best bowling toy set can be a perfect gift to your growing kid. Besides, one can use it for both outdoor and indoor activities. Remember, you should allow your kids to take part in different games. By doing so, you will be giving them a chance to tickle their brains. Toddlers are ever outgoing people who will learn by doing. As they play with new toys, they will develop and learn new skills.

Thus bowling toy sets have been crowding the market as time moves. You should not feel overwhelmed by numerous choices on the market shelves. You, therefore, require a comparison to discover the right one. We will be comparing ten different products to enable you to determine the suitable one.

Let’s take a look at best seller & special offer

10 Paw Patrol 6 pin Bowling set

 10 Paw Patrol 6 pin Bowling set

If you have kids, you can always keep them busy by allowing them to use this product.
Paw Patrol 6 pin Bowling Set is ideal for outdoor and indoor play.

The product will work best for those toddlers that like to make noise around. The toddler can play for several hours within the day without giving up.

The set has 6 pins bowling toys to enhance your kid’s activities. All the items in this set are useful in enhancing the hand coordination.

Furthermore, the bowling pins will help your kid in performing physical movements effortlessly. The bowling set will manifest in many colors and different styles.

The bowling set is easy to play. You only have to place the six pins rightly on the flat surface. You can do it turns as you play with friends by throwing the ball under the arms.

If a player knocks down more pins, the same person becomes a winner. This bowling game is suitable for children that are over 3 years.

The 18 cm pin is light to provide convenience while playing. Furthermore, Paw Patrol 6 Pin Bowling Set comes at reasonable prices.


  • 6 pins
  • Bowling ball
  • Does not require a battery
  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Suitable of kids that are over three years

9 DRAROAD Wooden Lawn Bowling Game

 9 DRAROAD Wooden Lawn Bowling Game

It is a bowling gear that comes in high-quality design. It uses top-quality rubberwood, which is also hard hence will not crack easily.

The wooden lawn has a smooth surface with water-based paint. The odorless paint is healthy and safe for kids.

One can use this product on both outdoor and indoor games. As if that is not enough, the wooden lawn is easy to carry.

This bowling game set does not use electricity. The kids can use it to improve on hand and eye coordination. It offers beautiful exercise while participating in kids’ games.

The product has a drawstring mesh bag, which is ideal for storage. You can take it to several venues such as parks, beaches, and restaurants.

The entire set has handballs and hardwood bowling pins, but there is more, the set has a nylon carrying bag.

You can surprise your kids by giving them this colorful and well-designed wooden bowling game. It is also suitable for adults.


  • High-quality build
  • Water base odorless paint
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor games
  • It is versatile
  • Two hardwood balls
  • Nylon carrying bag
  • Ideal for both adults and children

8. Outdoor Giant Lawn Bowling Games

 8. Outdoor Giant Lawn Bowling Games

It is a bowling game set that comes from durable hardwood materials. In the same vein, it will not crack easily. Furthermore, it is resistant to tear and wear.

The bowling toy set is 360-degree hand polished. It, therefore, has a smooth surface. The cool thing is this product comes with ten bowling pins. The pins are 7.7 inches tall.

Furthermore, this bowling toy features two bowling balls that are 2.95 inches in diameter. You can use the drawstring mesh bag to carry the pins and balls.

You can use this bowling set in your outdoor ventures. It will work correctly on sand, dirt, flat surfaces, and a carpet.

Some of the outdoor games can happen at the park or to a friend’s party. But that is not all. You can also use it to play indoor games while at your house.

The product has a great advantage to the health of your kids. It helps in logical thinking and observation ability.

Or even better, the game improves hand-eye coordination. It is an excellent tool for entertainment.


  • 10 bowling pins
  • Great educational game
  • Suitable for an outdoor environment
  • High-quality material
  • Carrying pouch

7. WEY&FLY Giant Inflatable Bowling Game Set

 7. WEY&FLY Giant Inflatable Bowling Game Set

The product can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Each bowling pin is unique as it has a solid bottom with an added weight.

The flat bottom prevents the pins from falling easily. The stable base makes the pin to remain upright while on grass or in a breeze.

The versatility attached to this product makes it suitable for all age groups. The bowling game set is easy to play.

One can use it to enhance better game coordination ability. You can invite your friend and play together to create more fun.
Besides, this product features thick and durable PVC plastic. The good news is they are not non-toxic.

The entire package comes with six 27 inch bowling pins. Furthermore, it includes inflatable bowling balls and a manual pump.

The bowling game set is lightweight. One can effortlessly carry it around while attending the outdoor games with friends.

This game will help your kid in enhancing creativity and logical thinking. It will occupy the user will lots of fun while spending time fruitfully.


  • Bottom plane design
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Durable plastic PVC materials
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor games
  • Ideal for all ages

6. WOSTOO Bowling Set for Toddlers

 6. WOSTOO Bowling Set for Toddlers

You will enjoy a colorful design of this bowling toy set for kids. Since the pins are transparent, you can fill various ornaments of your choice.

Some of the ornaments that you can fill in are abacus beads and spiral balls. The set comes in the correct size suitable for your children.

The whole package has one bowling ball.

You can use the Wostoo bowling set for both outdoor and indoor activities. The product comes from high-grade plastic that is earth-friendly.

The pins are sturdy enough to stay stable on the surface. They can also withstand knocks.

Your kids can use this toy set to develop eye-hand coordination skills. It is the best playing tool for your toddlers to occupy them when they are idle.

One can buy the toy set as a surprise gift for the young boys and girls during their birthday anniversaries like a birthday.

The buyer will enjoy a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. Moreover, the same consumer will take advantage of a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

You can return it when you feel that it is not worthy.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • High-grade plastic material
  • Suitable for young children
  • 2-year warranty
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Six bowling transparent pins
  • One bowling ball

5. Champion Sports Bowling Set

 5. Champion Sports Bowling Set

Champion Sports is a unique bowling set that features 10 white pins. It also has a 5-pound rubber ball. You can buy for your kids to use it in physical education classes.

You can make each pin to remain stable by adding weight. Let me explain. Every pin has a capped hole for the user to add sand and increase its stability.

You can use this set as a practicing tool. It will help in eye-hand coordination. You can also perfect your bowling skills and make more fun out of the event.

This product is suitable for both kids and adults. You can play this game at various occasions like school, and birthday parties.

Interestingly, this bowling toy set has a set sheet scorecard. Each player will keep track of how one is performing and analyzing progress.

The entire package includes 10 plastic bowling pins, one bowling ball and set up sheet. Also in the pack is a score pad.

The cool thing is this bowling toy set feature fair pricing.


  • 5 pound rubber ball
  • 10 plastic bowling pins
  • Ideal for adults and kids
  • Set up sheet
  • Score pad
  • Suitable of indoors and outdoors games

4. iBaseToy Kids Bowling Toy Set

 4. iBaseToy Kids Bowling Toy Set

iBase is a bowling toy set that has a beautiful decoration of numbers. The balls feature emoji-like faces to engage the attention of the kids.

The colorful bowling toy set will create more fun for your kids. You can use it while on an indoors or outdoors environments.

The bowling toy set comes in dense and soft polyurethane materials. Such materials are usually safe for the kids. They are also heavy to resist bowling knocks.

The package includes a free drawstring pouch to carry and store other items. You will have a better carrying gear while at outdoor events.

Young kids will use the bowling game set to learn numbers. Other people of all ages can use it in learning hand-eye coordination.

One can surprise their kids by buying them this product as a gift. You can present it to them while at various anniversaries like birthdays.

The good news is this product comes with a full many back guarantee. If the toy set does not meet your expectations, you can return it back for a possible refund.


  • Used for indoors and outdoors
  • Decorated with numbers
  • Perfect for younger children
  • Full money-back guarantee

3. Novelty Place Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for Kids

 3. Novelty Place Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for Kids

You can use Novelty bowling set for a kid if you are throwing a party. It has tons of fun, making each one desire to participate in the competition.

Interestingly, this boiling toy is hassle-free. It is a quickly inflate valve to enable one to inflate it within seconds.

On the other hand, the toy has an anti-deflation feature. It comes from heavy-duty vinyl materials. The anti-deflation valve will make it stable as you make hours of play.

The set has one bowling ball that is 18 inches in diameter. Furthermore, the set has six pins that are 21 inches high.
One can use the bowling set game for both indoor and outdoor sports. This set is suitable for kids and adults.

The product is lightweight hence portable. You can effortlessly carry it around while attending outdoor competitions.

The manufacturer will give you a satisfaction guarantee as proof of high quality. If you feel it unworthy, you can return for a possible replacement.


  • Inflate and anti-inflate valves
  • One bowling ball
  • 6 bowling pins
  • Heavy-duty vinyl materials
  • Free replacement guarantee

2. GIGGLE N GO Giant Bowling

 2. GIGGLE N GO Giant Bowling

Are you looking for a good product to use it for outdoor games? You can make Giggle Giant boiling as you entertain your kids outside your residence.

Since the bowling set game is lightweight, you can easily carry it to your destination. Surprisingly, it does not use electricity.

The kids can use the toy set to improve their eye-hand coordination skills. The kids can use this game set to improve their critical thinking.

The pins have a sand-weighted bottom to make them stable while performing in light wind. The sand is in the right proportion to make it fit for the game.

When you buy this product, it will serve you for a longer duration. It boasts of sturdy PVC materials that make it durable.

The whole package includes six inflatable bowling pins. Furthermore, it also has an inflatable ball that comes from durable PVC materials.

The buyer will get a satisfaction guarantee as proof of quality. One can return for a possible replacement in case its quality is wanting.

Lastly, users will enjoy a one-year warranty.


  • Sand weighted bottom
  • Durable PVC plastic material
  • Six inflatable bowling pins
  • One inflatable ball
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use.

1. Lawn Bowling Game

 1. Lawn Bowling Game

Lawn bowling game is a popular game that is easy to play. The bowling game set features wooden bowling pins and balls.

The set has the right tools to make your gaming experience full of fun. It is useful to kids, children as well as adults.

The package comes with a drawstring pouch for storage. You can use this carrying gear to travel to your destination.

The lawn bowling game set has a durable build. It comes from the sustainable New Zealand pine, which is also soft.

Interestingly, this product is suitable for all generations. It cuts across from kids, teenagers, and adults.

Here are the items that you will find in the box. They are ten bowling pin, two bowling balls. As if that it is not over, it also features a carrying bag.

The ball comes in blue colors while the pins have both blue a wood finish, and a white stripe. The buyer will enjoy a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Durable build featuring New Zealand pine
  • It has a satisfaction guarantee
  • It is easy to play
  • 10 bowling pins
  • 2 bowling balls
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor

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Buying Guides of Bowling Toy Set

1. Compact Design

You should consider a bowling set that has a compact design. The design will enable one to store it without consuming ample space easily.
Another benefit of compact design is that it allows one to carry it around easily. It provides convenience while traveling to participate in outdoor activities.

2. Non-Toxic Elements

The kind of bowling set you want to acquire for your kids must not emit toxic elements. It should not bring health issues to your children.

It is noteworthy that low-priced product may likely feature some toxins. Concerning that, you can go for top quality bowling sets to stay safe.

3. Stability

Stability plays a crucial role in the success of your game. A stable pin should firmly remain in place unless one interferes with its balancing.

You can read the customer reviews to discover how stable your pin is.

4. Number of Items:
Keep in mind that your kids always want to be like you. So, they won’t like the bowling set unless it has all the features like a real bowling set. So, check the number of items in the set. There should be at least 6 items in a set.

What do You Need to Know about the product?

The bowling game set is the right tool to make your kids have something to do creatively. Furthermore, it challenges the kid to think creatively in making the right moves and have more fun.

One need to discover more about the bowling game set for kid by observing the following points.

Number of Items

One should check the number of items in the sets. Some brand comes with a different number of pins and balls to accommodate different players.

You should select the right product that meets your needs.


The best bowling set should feature durable materials that will not crack or wear comfortably. In that regard, discover the right stuff as you read the customer feedback from the amazon.


As you find the best bowling toy set for your kid, you will enjoy fulfillment. The game set will enable your kids to find more fun and improve on specific skills like hand-eye coordination.

Overall, the best product should come from top quality materials that are long-lasting. Fear not. You can consider any product from the list above and enjoy your game.

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