10 Best Electric Wine Bottle Opener reviews in 2021

Are you a wine aficionado? Well, that makes the two of us! For you to fully enjoy your bottle of wine, you need to have a quality wine bottle opener. The introduction of electric wine bottles into the market has paved way for an increased demand of electric wine bottle openers.

Although we have a plethora of options, getting the best electric wine bottle opener isn’t a piece of cake given their increasingly high numbers. Of course, sampling each one of them in order to identify the best one is a near impossibility.

Being a wine enthusiast, I flexed muscles and delved into the market, dusting off every shelf in an attempt to come up with the best electric wine bottle opener reviews.

And yes, after a thorough and extensive research, I compiled a list of the best electric wine bottle openers. Before we get to the list, however, I will give you some insight on the things you need to consider before you settle for any electric wine bottle opener.

Things to consider before buying an electric wine bottle opener:

  1. Quality:
    Quality is paramount, so you have to ensure that you get a top-notch electric wine bottle opener whose quality is unrivaled. In fact, an electric wine bottle opener can only be of a high quality or a high quality; there’s no two way about it. Anything that falls short of that should be avoided like a plague. I have personally had bad experiences with some half-baked wine bottle openers and can assure you that it isn’t interesting.
  2. Usability:
    You don’t want to get an electric wine bottle opener only to start calling your friends around to come help you use it, do you? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to use a wine bottle opener, but I must admit that some can really become a thorn in your flesh especially when you want to quickly access your favorite wine.
  3. Access to power:
    Of course, the term “electric” in an electric wine bottle opener isn’t meant to decorate the name or make it longer. It implies that you will need to have access to juice when you want to use it. If you are holding a wine drinking spree on some island or a desert where you can’t access electricity for some reasons, then you might have to consider other options.
  4. The length of the screw:
    You might have to be extra keen on this one! If the length of the screw isn’t 1.75’’ or more, you risk crumbling or breaking your cork which, obviously, isn’t good news to you or your drinking buddies.
  5. Versatility:
    You obviously wouldn’t want to purchase an electric wine bottle opener which compels you to frequent the market every time you have a different cork. An ideal wine bottle opener ought to be able to open both natural as well as synthetic corks.
  6. The price:
    Although not always the best consideration to put first, you also need to check the price of your electric wine bottle opener. The price, in most cases, is a clear reflection of quality. Don’t get the cheapest or the most expensive, get what’s convenient for you.

Here are our top picks of the best electric wine bottle openers that you can consider :

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time we took the guesswork out of the buying process by exploring some incredible options available on the market for you to explore.

10. LAOPOMI electric wine bottle opener

10. LAOPOMI electric wine bottle opener:

Laopomi wraps up my list of the best electric wine bottle opener reviews. Its worm makes it quite unique and gives it an amazing performance. Its zinc alloy construction makes it quite durable while the ergonomic design fits into your hands making it quite convenient. With a beautiful and elegant metallic finish, you will love it!


  • Zinc alloy construction boosts its durability.
  • The design is quite elegant.


  • It’s slightly solid and heavy.

9. Brewberry Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

9. Brewberry Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener:

Brewberry stainless steel wine bottle opener is yet another excellent option you could explore if you want to have a wonderful time with your guests. It’s easy to open and works on up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

With a simple switch button, you will have access to your wine; that’s how easy it works. It comes with an LED display which indicates temperatures and power level. Of course, it comes with a foil cutter and a stopper to make the experience even better.


  • Comes with an LED display to show charge.
  • The stainless steel construction makes it quite durable.


  • With temperature measuring, it’s a little complicated than the rest.

8. Brookstone Automatic electric Wine Opener

8. Brookstone Automatic electric Wine Opener:

With an ability to work on natural or synthetic corks, it’s time you elevated your wining status with this Brookstone wine opener. Easy to use, you will definitely love it. It comes with a foil cutter thus making the entire opening process a snap while its ability to open up to 150 bottles. For lack of a better term, I’d say unbelievable.


  • Opening 150 bottles with a single charge is unbelievable.
  • Can open synthetic and natural corks.


  • The batteries are not included which is an extra cost.

7. Kealive electric wine bottle opener

7. Kealive electric wine bottle opener:

Coming in a sleek, elegant and attractive design, Kealive gives you an opportunity to enjoy your wine with least effort. Its sophisticated design will have your guests murmuring while stainless steel surface ensures that you have a long-term service.

Also, the soft grip handle adds to its excellent features making it quite convenient. And yes, with a foil cutter, you are able to open your electric wine bottle quickly than ever before.


  • Comes with a foil cutter and a soft grip handle.
  • It’s quite sophisticated.


  • There’s a risk of electric shock if you touch the spiral with wet hands.

6. GOUXIANG Stainless Steel electric wine bottle opener

6. GOUXIANG Stainless Steel electric wine bottle opener:

Gouxiang is yet another option you have to try out if you are still gambling with your choices. Opening your electric wine bottles in seconds, its optimized size will definitely impress you. It comes with a foil cutter; pourer, stoppers and a wine ring to male your experience even better.

Of course, it’s easy to use this opener given the fact that it only uses a push button operation. With a foil cutter and an incredibly comfortable handle grip, you will love it.

In spite of every wine lovers want our wine to stay for longer. Well, this opener uses vacuum technology to ensure that we have our wine for the longest time possible.


  • Uses vacuum technology to make your wine last longer.
  • The design is incredible making it easy to handle.


  • Not easily rechargeable while still in use.

5. OxGord Electric Wine bottle opener

5. OxGord Electric Wine bottle opener:

OxGord electric wine bottle opener will also take your wining experience a notch higher. Its one-touch button makes the entire operation a breeze while the attractive and ergonomic design fits into your hands giving an excellent grip.

Extracting the cork within seconds, you will definitely love it. And yes, if you are tired of constantly breaking or crumbling your cork, this is your remedy. With this electric wine opener, you only press and serve!


  • Guarantees zero breaking or crumbling of the cork.
  • It’s quite easy to use.


  • You have to buy batteries which are an extra cost.

4. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric wine bottle opener

4. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric wine bottle opener:

If you love class and sophistication, how about you indulge with this European inspired electric wine bottle opener? Its ergonomic grip ensures that you have an excellent wine drinking time while the removable lid converts into an attractive foil thus making it quite incredible.

Furthermore, this wine bottle opener is coming with a stopper and a pourer, it’s time you took your wine like a pro. What’s more, it can open up to 60 bottles of wine with a single charge which is a front leap from its competitors. The transparent shell adds tranquility to the entire process.


  • Can open up to 60 bottles.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • Might be slightly tricky to use at first.

3. Vremi Electric Wine bottle opener

3. Vremi Electric Wine bottle opener:

Vremi will let you open that electric wine bottle in a span of a second. Of course, a single charge equals more than 30 bottles of wine. This electric wine bottle opener gives an effortless and fast operation. It easy to use nature makes the experience even better.

Moreover, it also come up with a simple push button then you literally have access to your favorite wine. Its attractive sleek design matched up with an LED battery level indicator makes it quite impressive.

Coming with a wine pourer and a foil cutter, it makes wine opening a snap!


  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in an attractive and steel design.


  • Limited to places with electricity.

2. Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

2. Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener:

Awaken your wining experience with the Secura wine bottle opener. Its ability to remove the cork in a wink is incredible. Boasting a stainless steel housing, its durability is simply out of the question.

With its transparent shell surrounding, it’s time you flashed out guesswork and opened that electric wine bottle like an expert. Its ability to open over 30 bottles with a single charge elevates every party into a wing-ding. Coming with a foil cutter and an ideal charging base, just give it a shot!


  • Being stainless steel makes it durable.
  • The transparent surrounding makes it quite convenient.


  • The charging base can only be used with North American Electrical standards making it less universal.

1. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

1. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener:

This cordless electric bottle opener is one of the best. With an incredible ability to give you access to your favorite wine within seconds, you can never go wrong with it. Its impressive ability to open over 30 bottles with a single charge guarantees a good partying time.

On top of that, the ergonomic, sleek and sophisticated design makes it one of a kind. With its foil cutter, removing the seals is simply a breeze!


  • Opens a lot of bottles with a single charge.
  • Comes win an ergonomic design.


  • Getting a piece of cork out once it gets in isn’t so easy.

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Wrap it up

In a jiffy, if you have to take wine, take it like an expert. Your wine experience is as good as the opener you use. With the openers listed above, you can never go wrong. Try them for a wonderful wining experience.

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