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The Best Handmade Cross Body Bags Review in 2021

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you are a frequent traveler, you will need the best handmade cross body bags. Many prefer to use them since they happen to be more secure. One of the attractive points about cross body bags is that they have anti-theft features. They are safe gear that you can use around.

Still, the cross body bags have an ultra-weight design. One can carry them for a longer duration without feeling the load. You, therefore, need such traveling gears since they will not automatically mark you as a tourist. We will guide you appropriately to ensure you land the right cross body bags that match your needs.

Let’s take a look best seller & special offer

7. Willamette Crossbody

 7. Willamette Crossbody

Willamette is a cross body bag that you can use it as your daily bag. It will correctly store your valuables without the fear of losing them.

The bag comes from both leather and cotton fabric materials. The crafting features a leather strap together with brass hardware.

It also has a lining of brass zipper closure to secure your items. Furthermore, the bag comes in perfect measurements of 11 x 6.5 inches.

It also features various design patterns and lining materials. Typically, the bag is lightweight hence suitable for travel.

Another exciting feature is that on pricing. It is pocket-friendly as the buyer will not break the bank for it.


  • Leather and cotton fabric materials
  • Different design patterns
  • Lightweight

7. Virine grey shoulder bag

 7. Virine grey shoulder bag

Virine is a cross-body purse bag that you can use it for daily functions. Interestingly, it comes from sturdy cotton canvas, which makes it durable.

The design of the bag makes it to accommodate various needs. It is big and roomy to store multiple gears in your possession.

It comes in the right colors that will match with most of your designs. The exterior features include gray color and one zippered pocket.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable strap that can range from 27 to 48 inches in length. It is also 1.5 inches wide.

The manufacturer recommends hand washing them in cold water.


  • Canvas cotton materials
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Spacious and roomy

6. Virine black water-resistant shoulder bag

 6. Virine black water-resistant shoulder bag

It is an elegant bag that you can use it for your daily travels. It comes from durable, water-resistant nylon materials. The sturdy materials will not wear down easily.

You can store various items since it is big enough and roomy. Some of the things that it can comfortably store is a 13-inch laptop and other book items.

One can as well store the tablet in larger zipper pockets. The interior has several compartments to organize your items and make them easily accessible.

The bag has an adjustable strap that one can alter its length from 36 to 60 inches. Still, it has handles that measure 12 inches from each end.


  • Water-resistant nylon materials
  • Several compartments
  • Durable and sturdy

5. Pascado Leather Crossbody Purse bag

 5. Pascado Leather Crossbody Purse bag

Among several cross body bags, this product takes the lead in the design category. It comes from genuine goat leather that is not smelly.

The materials are sturdy, smooth, and thin, which can serve you for a longer duration. You will use the zipper at the top, which is the main closure.

The bag has an outer pocket on the front side. The interior has both large and small pockets.

You can use the smaller pockets to store coins or keys.

It also features a long adjustable strap that you can use it for cross body design or over the shoulder.

The lining comes from soft satin cloth that is golden in color.


  • Genuine goat leather material
  • Smooth and lightweight

4. PASCADO shoulder Bag

 4. PASCADO shoulder Bag

Pascado is a cross body bag that one can use, which comes from pure leather. You can use it extensively.

The bag also comes in a smaller design hence suitable for smaller items. You can store there your personal belongings like money, keys, and other smaller items.

It has two compartments; one of them has a zip to secure more sensitive items. Interestingly, it has a quick magnet to facilitate snap closure.

It has a long and adjustable strap for carrying convenience. This shoulder bag for women is nice for traveling and is lightweight. It also comes with fair prices.


  • Pure leather materials
  • Two compartments
  • Fair prices
  • Long adjustable straps
  • Suitable for travel

3. Simple Linen Crossbody Purse

 3. Simple Linen Crossbody Purse

It is among the best handmade cross body bags with an adjustable leather strap. It comes from texture lines that have a neutral color.

Interestingly, it is superlight hence suitable for travel. Furthermore, the same bag is sturdy and durable, making it a better choice due to the longevity aspect.

The cross body strap is flexible since one can adjust its various sizes to match your needs. It is also removable.

The bag uses a zipper closure to secure the contents. In the other scenario, it uses a leather strap, which is 50 inches in length.

The leather strap comes in various colors, such as brown and black.


  • Zipper closure
  • Super lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Neutral color

2. Mini Cork Bag

 2. Mini Cork Bag

You can use this mini cross bag for everyday travel. The product has an open front pocket that is suitable for placing the mobile phone.

The handbag boasts of an adjustable cork strap and a zipper closure to secure your belongings.
The cork fabric is 100% pure cork.

The good news is that cork material is waterproof and stain-resistant. Furthermore, the bag is durable as the cork materials will not tear and wear comfortably.

The bag comes in an entirely small size to carry relatively small-sized items for use as you settle for your daily journey.


  • 100% cork fabric
  • Adjustable cork strap
  • Slightly costly

1. PASCADO leather bag

 1. PASCADO leather bag

It is a mini bag that comes from leather materials. This purse bag features original and pure leather materials that make it to be highly durable.

As if that is not enough, it has a long adjustable strap. You can alter the length to your convenience.

The purse bag has two compartments to help the user organize the items well. Even better, it uses a quick magnetic snap closure to secure the stored items.

The good news is that the bag is lightweight hence suitable for travel. The attached price tag is relatively reasonable compared to other products.


  • Long adjustable strap
  • Pure leather
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Reasonable pricing

Buying Guides of Handmade Cross Body Bags

1. Design

The ideal handmade cross body bag should perfectly suit well with your wardrobe. You should choose the right shape that will agree with what you may want to carry.

You should avoid undersized bags if you have more items to carry. Still, an oversized bag will feel too bulk if your needs are to carry smaller items like phones and handbooks only.

2. Compartments

Several cross body bags have different compartments to help the user organize the work well. There may side pockets to allow you to store various items.

The roomy and spacious design will allow one to store better. Some have a space to store your laptop and tablets.

The zippered pockets are ideal for storing small items like phones and keys. The purpose of using different compartments is to enable one to access the details more naturally.

3. Materials

Materials play a critical role in the determination to do the lifespan of your ideal product. The most commonly used materials are cotton, linen, leather, and nylon.

If you are traveling in a rainy season, we recommend that you buy the nylon oriented cross body bags. It is waterproof hence will protect your valuables from water.

The leather materials are the most durable. Furthermore, they are more secure as they will not tear easily. One will appreciate the value of the money spends on such an item.

4. Importance of the product

Well, cross body bags come in handy when you are a frequent traveler. You need such gears to organize your travel items and move conveniently.

The bag is relevant to the user since you do not have to go for a heavy bag when you only need to carry smaller items. Also, we can check on the following aspect.

5. Pricing and décor:

Indeed various cross body bags come in different pricing. The quality of the materials used to craft the bag dictates the pricing.

Moreover, the bag should come in the right colors that will perfectly blend well with your clothes. The decor is an issue to personal preference.

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Are you looking for the best handmade cross body bag? The answer lies right in the product, as listed in this review.

We highly recommend that you confine your options to the products mentioned earlier, and you will find fulfillment.

Most importantly, you will organize your items accurately as you enjoy your journey to your ideal place.

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