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The Handmade Leather Totes Review in 2021

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Human beings have always tried to invent something new to enhance their look and personality. Handmade leather totes are among those inventions that have not only revolutionized the lifestyle but have also made women fashionable and trendy.

Leather totes are gaining importance with every passing day because of their large size. These are rectangle or large square-shaped bags that are capable of carrying large items. The most attractive feature of leather totes is that they are never out of fashion because these bags suit any attire you are wearing.

Handmade leather totes are playing a critical role in modern life. However, choosing the right leather tote has become difficult because of the availability of a large variety of bags. In this article, we have reviewed the top-selling handmade leather totes.

Let’s take a look best seller & special offer

7- PASCADO Black Soft Handmade Women Leather Tote

7-PASCADO Black Soft Handmade Women Leather Tote

PASCADO black soft handmade leather tote is a classically designed women purse to carry primary goods. The inner linings of this long-lasting leather tote are of sturdy pearl white satin cloth. It increases the visibility of stored items in low light or dark. The dimensions of this handmade purse show that it can help to carry many large goods.

It has two long handles that make it convenient to take it on shoulders. There are one big compartment and a large outer pocket with a snap button. The bag gives vintage looks because of well crafted genuine goat leather.


  • Unique design with vintage looks
  • Large inner compartment to take large items with you
  • Outer pocket with a snap button
  • Excellent build quality and long-lasting

It is a spacious but straightforward purse to carry a lot of belongings with you. The simplicity in design and authenticity in looks makes it the first choice of women.

6- Personalized Canvas Bag with Leather Strips

6-Personalized Canvas Bag with Leather Strips

The off white Fulham tote is the best selling because of its simplicity in design and excellent build quality. It has Fulham Personal Monogram with three initials and five font styles. These initials are either black, silver, or gold. The reinforced stitching and sturdy duck canvas make it ideal for work, school, or shopping.

It also has a large inner compartment that makes it convenient to carry belongings. You can take this handmade tote on shoulders with the help of leather strips. The writing design and colors may vary to suit the personality of the owner. It has a superb build quality that ensures its longevity.


  • Patent and long-lasting canvas
  • Suitable for any usage
  • Superb build quality and exquisite stitching
  • Large inner space

The simplicity of design and uses of this leather tote makes it the first choice of many women. It helps to carry huge shopping items. The leather strips are available in different colors to suit the personality of wearers.

5- Women’s Brown Leather Tote Bag by Kruk Garage

5-Women's Brown Leather Tote Bag by Kruk Garage

If you want a genuine leather tote with some extra space, this brown leather bag by Kruk Garage is suitable for you. The detailed stitching makes it a winner in the competition. Apart from the big compartment, it also has an inner leather pocket to protect your cards and money. It is fully customizable. You can add or remove zipper closing, shoulder strap, and outer pocket. Kruk Garage has used high-quality leather in this bag, which makes it long-lasting and durable.

One of the best things about the leather used by the company is that it gets softer over time. The dimensions of this handmade leather tote show that it may prove your good companion while shopping. However, you can use it for several other purposes like schools and workplaces.


  • Top-quality leather that grows softer overtime
  • Detailed stitching
  • Large inner space
  • Customizable

The use of premium leather and customization are the two features that make it a top seller around the world. The build quality and detailed stitching complement its durability.

4- PASCADO Genuine Brown Tan with Zipper Leather Tote

4-PASCADO Genuine Brown Tan with Zipper Leather Tote

The handmade leather tote by PASCADO will revolutionize your shopping and traveling experience due to its large inner compartment. PASCADO has, once again, focused simplicity to give it a vintage look. This classically designed women’s purse will suit your aesthetic style within a few days. The maker has used a sturdy canvas inside the bag to make it durable and long-lasting. It has a 10-inches long shoulder drop along with two long handles that also make it convenient to handle this bag.

Zipped security at the top of the big compartment makes it ideal for shopping and long travels. A large outer pocket at the front of the bag protects your cards and money from theft. The detailed stitching makes it durable and long-lasting.


  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Sturdy canvas inside to make it durable
  • Shoulder strap with a couple of long handles

Ample inner space of this leather tote makes it ideal for home, work, school, and even shopping. The use of premium leather combines with the excellent build quality to make it your top choice for travel and shopping.

3- Deluxe Handmade Leather Tote for Women

3-Deluxe Handmade Leather Tote for Women

Deluxe handmade leather tote is one of those women purses that come with a lifetime warranty. The company has used full-grain leather to enhance the look and feel of this leather purse. It has enough storage space for all your essentials during shopping. The interior panel of the tote has two compartments. One of the large pockets has zipped security at the top while the other has a magnetic closure.

The add ons with this tote make it customizable. You can add a zippered top, crossbody, tassels, and key clips. The seven letters enable its personalization. It is also a multipurpose leather tote as you can also carry a 15-inch laptop in it.


  • Extremely spacious
  • Full-grain leather for natural care
  • Allows personalization
  • Have zipped and magnetic closures.

The availability of this gorgeous but straightforward handmade leather tote with lifetime warranty makes it a premium choice for women. It allows personalization to suit the lifestyle of the users.

2- La Salle Personalized Handmade Heavy Duty Leather Tote3

2-La Salle Personalized Handmade Heavy Duty Leather Tote3

La Salle handmade leather tote is a costlier women purse with numerous unmatched features. The manufacturer has used full-grain vegetable-tanned leather handles to make it convenient to use for school, work, and shopping needs. It comes in three different sizes that make it suitable for almost every woman. The standard inside pocket provides a 12-inch dropping.

You can customize it with the help of add ons. The additional zipper and outside pocket further increase the usable space. There is no need to add ons in the jumbo variant. However, you can add these extra storage options for mini and grande purses.


  • Vegetable-tanned leather for a lifetime warranty
  • Available in three sizes
  • Customizable

The availability of this handmade leather tote in different sizes makes it ideal for every home. The material, stitching, and storage space show the craftsmanship of the company in all respects.

1- PASCADO Vintage Shoulder Crossbody Tote for Women

1-PASCADO Vintage Shoulder Crossbody Tote for Women

PASCADO lightweight genuine tan leather purse is ideal for those women who have to travel often. It matches the lifestyle of traveling women because it has a small pocket to hold your cards, money, or mobile phone. There are one inner zipper pocket and two small pockets for keys.

The extra storage compartment can store all your belongings while traveling. A 60-inch large adjustable strap makes it easy to hang on shoulders. It has a green canvas lining that adds to its beauty. The purse also comes with a top zip closure system to protect your gadgets.


  • Has many pockets to store card, mobile, and even a mini iPad
  • Genuine tan leather for durability
  • 60-Inch adjustable shoulder strap

It is the premium choice of women around the world because it is lightweight. Your traveling and shopping experience reaches the next level with too many storage spaces in it.

Buying Guides of Handmade Leather Totes

Picking the right handmade leather tote is not at all an easy decision nowadays. However, keeping in mind certain things can help you make the right decision.

1-Type of leather

The first thing to look for while buying a handmade leather tote is the type of leather used in that purse. Most of the people prefer buying the bag made of full grain leather because it becomes soft and fantastic over time. Always avoid totes with bonded leather because it has plastic and chemical ingredients that degrade its quality.

2-Tanning process

The two types of tanning processes used in leather for making bags and cases are chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. Always prefer buying purses with vegetable tanning process because it uses an eco-friendly way and makes leather durable and long-lasting. Vegetable tanning makes leather thicker and stiffer and leaves a classic leather smell.

3-Origin and Making

Another thing to consider is the origin of the leather because it determines the quality of the handmade totes. Countries like Italy, Frace, the US, and England are known as producers of quality leather because of the tanning process they use to process leather. Guessing the origin of leather has become more difficult now because many companies use only labels.

4-Handwork and durability

Handwork and durability of handmade leather totes are also among the factors to consider before buying purses. Always prefer buying full-grain leather because of its durability. Similarly, good stitching also increases the strength of the bags. Leather totes with detailed stitches are still long-lasting. It should always be straight without any loose thread.


Last but not least thing to keep in mind while buying leather totes is the color of the leather. Always buy the color that suits your lifestyle and personality. Most of the people prefer buying wither black or dark brown colors because these colors suit the professional environment.

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Editor’s Pick:

After reading detailed reviews of some top-notch handmade leather totes, we conclude that La Salle Personalized Handmade Heavy Duty Leather Tote is the best overall.

PEGAI Personalized 100% Leather Tote Bag for Women, Handmade, Organizer, Shoulder Detail, Amazing Gift Idea | Lasalle Mini, Basic, Chestnut
  • ORGANIZE WITH EASE AND STYLE - Fit all your daily essentials in your solid full-grain leather bag. Grande size totes fit up to 15” laptops. Easily secure your phone, cards, and keys with the inside pocket & interior keychain loop. LaSalle crafts make ideal work tote bags for women, ensuring everything you need is perfectly organized and within reach, making your daily commute or travel seamless and stylish.
  • FULL GRAIN LEATHER - Each leather tote is crafted from minimally processed cowhide that varies in grain pattern and markings-for crafts as unique as you. This premium material not only offers a sophisticated look but also ensures that your tote bag develops a beautiful patina over time, reflecting your journey and experiences with every use.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME - Handcrafted from heavy duty cowhide leather, your tote bag will endure even the most demanding of days. Sturdy vegetable tanned straps provide extra durability. The exceptional craftsmanship ensures that your bag remains a reliable and stylish companion, no matter how rigorous your lifestyle.
  • 3 SIZES: Our leather bags for women come in mini, grande (medium), and Jumbo (oversized) sizes. Whether you need a compact bag for essentials, a medium-sized tote for daily use, or an oversized bag for travel, we have you covered. Each size is designed to meet different needs while maintaining the elegance and durability of full-grain leather.
  • PERSONALIZE: Make it yours with fire-branded initials. 4 Characters MAX. Numbers 0 through 9, "a" through "z" in lower or upper case, and spaces with the font TIMES NEW ROMAN. Allow special characters except emojis , . ! @ # $ % & * ( ) - + ? ♥

Because of quality leather tote which is becomes smooth over time. It offers better visibility to your gadgets because of white satin cloth interior.

Spacious compartment makes it ideal for work, school, and even shopping. Moreover, it has two long handles that make it easy to carry the bag on shoulders.

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