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Best Rock Climbing Crash Pads in 2021

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I am a great rock climbing aficionado. Just the other day, I witnessed one of my fellow climbers get into an accident where he sustained several bruises over his body. One of the major reasons which contributed to him getting injured is the fact that he had very inferior crash pads which exposed him to the risk of getting even more serious injuries.

I immediately decided to do some research on the best rock climbing crash pads available on the market. In this review, I will provide adequate information about rock climbing crash pads and also give you some ideas on how to make sure you buy the best ones.

Here are some factors you need to have at the back of your mind before buying any rock climbing crash pad:

  1. The material used:
    You have to get the best material if you want to have ultimate safety for a longer time.
  2. The price:
    The price, as usual, has to be reasonably affordable. Mark the words “reasonably affordable”.
  3. The padding:
    You also have to consider the padding because it determines how safe you are when rock climbing.

7. Camp Domino crash pad red/black

7 Camp Domino crash pad red/black

The first product I stumbled upon was this campo Domino crash pad. One thing I found irresistibly impressive was the Hypalon reinforced material which gave it unsurpassed durability. I also loved the extremely convenient EVA padding which offers added comfort for the user. Of course, it makes use of several types of padding including PE foam, S foam and EVA foam which gradually reduce chances of anyone getting hurt.

The numerous carrying modes including shoulder straps and side handles offer ultimate convenience sneering that you never have to leave them behind whenever you’re going for a rock climbing adventure.


  • The pad is foldable for convenient storage.
  • It offers adequate comfort for the user.

6. Black Diamond Satellite Crash Pads

6 Black Diamond Satellite Crash Pad

I also came across this black diamond satellite crash pad. I had seen it with a plethora of my fellow climbers but hadn’t taken the time to check it keenly. A closer look revealed that this isn’t one of those cheap flops on the market which offer half-baked crash protection.

This climbing crash pad is designed to offer adequate safety for the user. It boasts thick and closed cell PE foam which offers adequate impact resistance for the ultimate safety of the user. The high compression OU foam on the bottom guarantees great results while its unique design ensures that you never have to worry about getting cuts or bruises as you climb over those sharp and rugged rocks.


  • It boasts a taco-style folding for a uniform landing surface.
  • It comes with clean three-strap closure for easy hooking.

5. Triple-X Pads (Blue)

5 Triple-X Pads (Blue)

Boasting open dimensions of 72 x 44 x 5, this is yet another incredible product available on the market. I first had the chance to examine this climbing crash pad a few years ago when I was looking for my current rock climbing crash pad. Perhaps the reason why I didn’t pick it is because of the fact that I had already made a decision before checking them out.

This is a great crash pad designed to offer adequate protection against impact. It has easy hooking metal buckles which make it perfect rock climbing. And yes, the shoulder straps and two convenient handles make it easily transportable ensuring that you never have to leave it behind.


  • It’s made using a top-grade 600D polyester material.
  • It’s PU-coated for adequate performance.

4. Petzl Alto Crashpads

4 Petzl Alto Crashpad

Offering an excellent protection and bulk compromise, this is another safety tool you need to be adding to your cart this year. Its unique and attractive design makes it appealing while the compact and lightweight size makes it easy to transport and position on the terrain.

Moreover, the three layers of foam offer adequate pressure resistance while the difference in densities of these foams guarantees ultimate cushioning for safe climbing.

It also come up with the single-piece hingeless design which offers uniform cushioning over the whole surface.


  • It boasts a patented folding design.
  • It has a zippered flap closure.

3. Evolv Iceman Crash Pads

3 Evolv Iceman Crash Pad

On the top three slots, I had to pick the crème de la crèmes. And yes, opening up the three slots is this great Evolv Iceman Crash Pad designed to offer adequate protection and safety. The dual density foam ensures that you have excellent results while its closed cell layer ensures that you have excellent impact resistance.

The ballistic nylon used in the construction adds to the unique features ensuring that you have absolutely superior results. The 32’’ x 42’’ x 4 ‘’ dimensions when its open makes it convenient for any rock climber while its rubberized corner holds the pad in position thus protecting it from the tear or wear.


  • It has two multi-directional closures.
  • It also has a single bottom closure.

2. Metolius Session Crash Pads

2 Metolius Session Crash Pad

I have several Metolius rock climbing items including a rock climbing chalk. However, this particular crash pad is on a whole different level. Right from the material used in its construction to the padding, I simply find it irresistible. It has a flap-closure system which is fitted with a stash pocket to keep your gear safe as you climb.

Additionally, it has burly outer fabrics with a carpeted cross-clipper logo which keeps the shoes clean. If you’re looking for ultimate crash protection, then you definitely need this climbing crash pad.


  • It comes with aluminum buckles for lifetime durability.
  • It features four-inch sandwich foam design for ultimate impact absorption.

1. Mad Rock Mad Pad Crash Pads

1 Mad Rock Mad Pad Crash Pad

Sparing the best for the last, mad rock climbing crash pad wraps up our list of the top products on the market this year. With closed dimensions of 24 x 36 x 10 inches and open dimensions of 48 x 36 x 5 inches, this crash pad guarantees the best protection during any rock climbing escapade.


  • This is a top quality crash pad.
  • It makes use of top grade material.

If you’re into rock climbing and aren’t afraid of heights, then you need to ensure that you have your safety gear intact to avoid any accidents. One of the must-have items is the crash pad which offers ultimate safety thus ensuring that you enjoy without putting your body at risk.

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