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The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Women of 2021

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Hardcore hiking enthusiasts will confirm that the quality of footwear has a large impact on hikes of any length. Bad hiking boots give up a lot of the fun factor during hiking expeditions.

Therefore, bad hiking boots are a recipe for the absolute worth during long hikes with effects including foot aches, slips and fall over and many more. We have taken time to write this article meant to guide you when buying a new pair of hiking boots.

What follows are what to keep in mind when selecting a suitable pair, and some of the top models of hiking shoes for women.

Lets take a deep look at our top picks of the best hiking boots for women down below:

10. Cliffs by White Mountain Women’s Kenrick Hiking Boot

10Cliffs by White Mountain Women's Kenrick Hiking Boot

By: Cliffs by White Mountain
If what you seek agile, super-comfy high ankle boots for all-out protection then these are great for you. The tough all-leather structure paired with a synthetic sole assures exactly zero durability issues and you get lots of cushion with the padded insoles.

You can also be sure of a dry and cozy feel on your feet with a fabric lining. The padded sweater fabric cuff has been fitted on purpose to provide warmth if snowshoeing and light mountaineering. These less up boots are a worthy bargain for an avid hiker.


  • Available in size 6 – 10 B(M) US
  • Extra warmth with the padded sweater fabric cuff and fold over top.

9. Discovery Expedition Women’s Adventure High Top Lace up Hiking Boot

9Discovery Expedition Women's Adventure High Top Lace up Hiking Boot

By: Discovery Expedition
As tough boots go, this high-ankle boot does a pretty good job. The flexible thermal rubber plastic outsole coupled with the high-top length offer sufficient grip and stability and protection. That’s not all; the synthetic leather is as tough as it is tender. It’s decorated beautifully with the company logo embroidered and you won’t fail to notice the conspicuous red or pink collar. Sizes are available from 6.5 – 10B (M) US. It only comes brown with a number of shades, but still perfect for you.


  • All round thermo rubber plastic outsole.
  • The suede feels really smooth and tender

8. Forsake Patch – Women’s Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot

8Forsake Patch - Women's Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot

By: Forsake
If you are looking for a stylish boot to do it all, this boot has little competition in its price range. A casual sneaker boot design with all the features that you would want from a traditional hiking boot. It is stable, comfortable and durable with a timeless stylish concept.

So, you obviously need to feel stable, sure-footed and secure and on a trail, Forsake’s Peak-to-Pavement™ outsole provides sufficient grip and traction that surpasses that of your average hiking shoe.

Light as they are, they are roomy enough for your thick socks. A trendy hiking gear that boasts of sporty looks whilst still retaining functionality, comfort, and style. If you love the style, this is the gear you should get for your outdoor getaways.


  • It is waterproof.
  • Comes with two sets of alternate laces for customization.
  • The foot beds are smell-resistant thanks to anti-bacterial treatments.

7. Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

7Hi-Tec Women's Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Hi-Tec
These bad boys are the best for carrying heavy backpacks on long hikes. Hi-Tec perfectly marries the suede leather and breathable mesh with a rubber sole to beat most in its class. While the rugged, multi-directional traction on the rubber outsole offers grip and stability, the compression molded EVA midsole has been designed to make your stride comfortable and easy on your back. The tough leather upper and dustproof hardware extend longevity.


  • It is waterproof; the mesh has a Dri-Tec waterproof membrane.
  • All-terrain stability is achieved by the steel shank.

6. Nevados Women’s Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot

6Nevados Women's Klondike Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Nevados
It is a simple, comfortable, and inexpensive boot. A great choice for hardcore hikers, backpackers and light packers alike.The current trend embraces lighter materials that still offer decent support, and tackle wet and rocky trails. This hiking boots certainly achieves that. The upper includes suede leather that’s made to last and waterproof nylon mesh. It has a rugged carbon rubber cup sole, no wonder no one loses grip with this shoes on.

Besides the above function, this hiking boot is surprisingly lovely and tough considering the reasonable price tag and is worth adding to your cart.


  • Water-proof feature.
  • A mild selection of colors available for you.

5. KEEN Women’s Targhee II mid WP Hiking Boo

5KEEN Women's Targhee II mid WP Hiking Boo

By: Keen
Hiking boots are specific to your comfort and performance on the trail, but no one says style-conscious hikers can’t get a fashionable design. Whether your hike involves heavy load or light walking this mid-height boots won’t let you down. They are great all-around performance hiking boots.

Your all-season adventures have never been as exciting and comfortable as with KEENspiration, a feature meant to give more comfort is efficient thanks to the EVA foam midsole and dual-density EVA foam footbed. The nubuck leather is not just durable but versatile for every trail and a toe cap will be fast to protect your toe.

I highly recommend this product.


  • Optimized stability with ESS shank.
  • It is waterproof keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Quick take off effective with the pull-on loop.

4. Teva Women’s W Foxy Ankle Boot

4 Teva Women's W Foxy Ankle Boot

By: Teva
Because a pair of mountaineering boots will be too much for a light backpacker who traverses well-groomed trails, this option has been availed for you. The Teva Foxy ankle boots are the most stylish boot in our review yet still provide protection and comfort. A casual chic design that goes well whatever any style of apparel you’ll choose to wear. They are not only fashionable but comfortable too.

Moreover, the interior canvas lining is smooth enough to keep you warm and comfy. The ankle boot is a great compromise between hiking boots and shoes while showing the best features of both categories.

If you are undecided about whether to go for a boot or a shoe, I’d advise you to go for this amazing ankle boots.
Rubber outsole


  • A zipper for a quicker and easier on, off experience.
  • 2” heel is high enough to keep you away from danger but still comfortable to walk in.

3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

3Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking Boot

By: Timberland
Timberland stands out from the pack. I would buy their production off-sight because their products are just what you’ll expect, good quality. This boot is built tough, stiff and incredibly reliable. The upper is all-leather except for a tiny pad on the tongue and collar, meaning maximum protection and durability. The inner features a moisture-transfer lining.

The adjustable lacing system was preferred to give you a supportive fit. The padded tongue, the dual-density EVA footbed, all meant for cushioning and increasing stability. The rubber sole will ensure traction while a turned tip is included to make the boot long-lasting. The bold white color is complemented with a plain brown option.


  • The leather upper is waterproof.
  • A supportive fit enhanced by the D ring and speed hook lacing.

2. Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot

2Ahnu Women's Sugarpine Hiking Boot

By: Ahnu
This is a great boot that shines in its reasonable price range, comfort, and durability. The revolutionary design unites mesh and suede leather with a padded, gusseted tongue and a rubber sole for a mix of comfort and support. A rubber toe protector is also connected to promote your foot protection to a high.

Additionally, other notable add-ons are mid-cut design and TPU stability heel for ankle support and stability. A number of amazing colors are there to choose from. They are nimble, durable and suitable for all-season use, a must-have for hikers.


  • Ahnu gives some stabilizing duties to the effective Nementum technology which guides and centers your foot to promote an efficient, balanced and stable and balanced.
  • The rubber outsole is self-cleaning courtesy of the self-cleaning lugs.
  • All-terrain and all-weather with the waterproof feature.

1. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge plus Hiking Boot

1Columbia Women's Newton Ridge plus Hiking Boot

By: Colombia
This admirable hiking boot has it all and it is a bit tighter than the competition not just in terms of comfort and stability but as well when a little extra style is appreciated. With Omni grip rugged rubber sole construction; there are absolutely zero doubts about its all-terrain capabilities.

Added are clamshell lacing and Techlite Cushioning Midsole, part of what makes this shoe perfect for what it does. A waterproof mesh is fitted to keep your feet dry while allowing them to breathe. Not only are they sturdy and stylish but super easy to clean too being stain resistant.

On top of that, the beauty, fit, agility, and long-distance comfort and still hold up long enough are some of the infinite reasons why this serious gear deserves to be part of your hiking experiences.


  • Omni shield water and stain resistant for your convenience.
  • They are relatively more affordable.

Why you need hiking boots for women?

  • They are safer
    Unlike shoes, boots are far safer for hiking. They are made tough with many protective features that you won’t find in normal hiking shoes.
  • For stability
    The rugged outsoles on boots are sure to increase traction and tighten your grip whatever the terrain. Boots have more height, this is also crucial in increasing stability.
  • The stylish of hiking boots
    The hiking boots are trendy and fashionable and can be combined with the right outfit for a stunning outdoor look.

Factors to consider before buying hiking boots for women:

  1. Size:
    The purpose of the perfect fit for more comfort and stability. Ill-fitting shoes are what causes hot spots, blisters, and squished toenails.
  2. Price:
    Some boots are so pricey. Depending on your ability, you should aim for a model that is affordable to you.
  3. Comfort:
    We would all certainly prefer boots with breathable but waterproof mesh paneling. This ensures ventilation of your feet. Extra features like padded inner soles are also significant.
  4. Weight:
    Hiking Boots weight varies a lot. Choose light and flexible option for a longer hike.
  5. Protection:
    It is important to consider protective measures that will keep you safe in all settings. Toe protection and ankle shaft are examples of safety feature to look out for.
  6. Style and design:
    The different designs offer different levels of support. High-boots offer more support while low ankle boots are more flexible.

Wrap it up

When looking for a brand new pair of hiking boots, we understand that you don’t just order the first boot you spot without carefully vetting other options.

For that reason, our generous purpose is to take the strain out of your endless search for hiking boots. The hiking boots mentioned are comforting, supportive, durable and versatile, and adding a pair to your cart means your feet are catered for during hikes.

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