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The 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Packs For Beginners

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The world is an exciting place full of products you will love. There is a considerable variety of all types of products for you to choose from. These include board games, food, clothes, stationery, and even musical instruments. These musical instruments include flutes, drums, guitars, and even electric guitars.

These products come in many shapes and are often reasonably priced. Online websites like Amazon offer extremely convenient and cheap ways of getting these products.

Many deals offer you price cuts and different packages that ensure you get more than one product for a cheaper price.

So, let’s firstly check our Top 5 Best Seller & Special Offer :

The Best Electric Guitar Starter Packs Products based on our top picks :

If you are interested in music and love playing guitars, the following is a list of some of the best electric guitar and Electric Guitar kits.

10. Rise by Sawtooth

10. Rise by Sawtooth

Rise by Sawtooth is an excellent choice for you if you are new to music and electric guitars. It is available in both 3/4th and full sizes for both left and right-handed people.
This is one of the best Electric Guitar Starter Packs for beginners because it helps you ease your way smoothly into the world of electric music.

In addition to this, you can choose from a Sunburst finish or a Transparent Black finish. It weighs around 12.5 pounds and the guitar pack includes a guitar strap, a guitar cable, a gig bag, a tuning pitch pipe, 3 picks, and even a beginner’s online lesson for you.


  • This guitar has a beautiful body made of Basswood with a delicate Maple Neck.
  • The scale length is exactly 24 inches and also has a bridge that can be adjusted.
  • The body is made of sturdy Chrome Hardware.
  • The Amp power adapter and batteries are not included with the package and have to be purchased separately.

9. Mini Kids Blue Electric Guitar by Smartxchoices

9. Mini Kids Blue Electric Guitar by Smartxchoices

The Mini Kids Electric Guitar by Smartxchoices is one of the best Electric Guitar choices for young, aspiring musicians. It is around 30 inches in length which means it can conveniently be held in smaller hands.

In addition to this, this electric guitar has an attractive appearance. The smooth black and blue color on the wood gives this guitar a classy and fun look.

Moreover, this guitar is not heavy and is extremely easy to carry around. The strings are easy to press and the fretboard has 22 frets which create beautiful, clear sounds. This makes this guitar one of the best you can get for your little musician.


  • For children above 3 years of age.
  • Has an attractive rosewood colored fretboard.
  • The Kit includes a nylon guitar case, a cable cord, a strap, a gig bag, multiple guitar picks and strings, and even instruments to tune the guitar.
  • This guitar needs to be tuned immediately after you receive it. To tune the strings you can use the tools that come in the kit and an online tuning app.

8. Electric Guitar by GLARRY

8 Electric Guitar by GLARRY

The Electric guitar by GLARRY is a great choice for beginners and also a great gift for your loved ones. It is made with high-quality basswood. This helps accentuate the quality of the sound that is produced by this product.

Therefore, the material is not only durable but also has an expensive, smooth feel. This means that this guitar will last you a long time! Strings are placed on a sturdy and smooth neck with standard spaces between them.
This guitar has a 20W Amp and comes with a guitar bag and a complete set of various accessories.


  • Electric guitar packs include a guitar, an amplifier, a guitar bag, a strap, 2 plectrums, a connecting wire, a Tremolo arm, and a Spanner tool.
  • It is advisable to tune your guitar with the tools provided, immediately after receiving it.
  • The guitar weighs around 7 pounds.

7. Electric Guitar by Mugig

7 Electric Guitar by Mugig

The Electric Guitar by Mugig is around 39 inches. It is an ST type electric guitar which has an attractive metallic surface. The surface is smooth, glossy and comfortable to touch. Also, the Humbucker pickup produces richer, stronger sounds.

The two single-coils are resistant to noise which also contributes to creating a better sound. The guitar’s body, including the neck and the fingerboard, is made of Maple wood which makes it strong and sturdy.

Besides, the three knobs on the guitar (volume, low-frequency control, and high-frequency control) ensure that you have complete control over the kind of music your instrument is making.


  • The ST shape is paired with bright red color and is great for you if you love dark, vibrant colors.
  • The Electric Guitar Kits come with a 10ft cable, a Humbucker pickup, Two Single-coils, and a maple neck and fingerboard.
  • Three knobs to adjust sounds are placed on the guitar.
  • The guitar weighs around 10 pounds.

6. LB11 Bass Guitar by Silvertone

6 LB11 Bass Guitar by Silvertone

The LB11 Bass Guitar by Silvertone is one of the best Electric Guitar Starter Packs for beginners. It is available in a deep liquid black color which adds personality and style to the overall product.
This guitar is a four-string revolver bass guitar that has a delicate and stylish neck and body. It fits easily into your hands and its knobs and controls help you create and manage music without facing any problems.

Therefore, you can easily use the knobs to alter volume and adjust the frequency according to your desire. It is around 34 inches long and has a maple neck with 20 frets on it. The maple neck is sturdy and is paired with a rosewood fretboard.

Also, this guitar comes with a chrome bridge that can be easily adjusted and chrome die-cast tuning machines. All these reasons make it one of the best electric guitars available in the market.


  • The guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It is 34 inches long and has exactly 20 frets.
  • It has a stylish, double-cutaway body that has been sculpted to provide the right balance and comfort.
  • Has a maple neck and a high-quality rosewood fingerboard.

5. Electric Guitar by ZENY

5 Electric Guitar by ZENY

The Electric Guitar by ZENY is one of the best guitars on the market and is a perfect gift for loved ones who like to play music. This is a right-handed guitar which is completely made of wood and has strings of steel.

Moreover, it has a smooth, glossy surface with a neck made of maple, a truss rod, three single coils, a volume regulating knob, 2 tone and frequency regulating knobs, and a tone changer with five scales.
This guitar also comes with a nylon case which helps you carry it around conveniently.

Also, this Electric Guitar Pack comes with a 10W Amp that can be easily carried around and runs on batteries. All these reasons make it the perfect guitar for beginners.


  • This set has a stylish, glossy finish and perfect balance, making it easy to carry.
  • Comes with various accessories including picks and a 10W, battery-run Amp.
  • Made completely with wood and has high-quality steel strings.

4. Electric Guitar by Epiphone Les Paul

4 Electric Guitar by Epiphone Les Paul

This player pack is great for beginners because it has a sleek body designed for your comfort. You can hold this guitar easily without feeling uncomfortable. It is a Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar and comes with two humbucker pickups.

In addition to this, this package also includes a 10W Amp, a guitar cable that is 10ft long, a strap, picks, a headstock chromatic tuner, and a gig bag.
Perhaps the best thing is the free guitar lessons that come with this package. Beginners can download them and learn fast!


  • The whole package weighs around 22 pounds
  • Includes gig bag, 10 ft guitar cable, a tuner which can be used to immediately tune the guitar, and a stylish guitar strap
  • Comes in a glossy Ebony colored finish.

3. Electric Guitar by LyxPro

3 Electric Guitar by LyxPro

This electric guitar by LyxPro is one of the best Electric Guitar Packs in the market. It is also one of the best Electric Guitar Starter Packs for beginners. This guitar is exactly 39 inches in length. And has a high-quality Rosewood fingerboard with a neck made of special Canadian maple.

Also, it comes with a 20W Amp, a digital clip-on tuner, six extra strings, a shoulder strap, a bag, and even a tremolo bar. All these reasons make it the perfect choice for new learners and aspiring guitarists.


  • Comes with a kit carrying a digital clip-on tuner, a shoulder strap, a bag, 2 picks, and a tremolo bar.
  • Produces high-quality sound that can be adjusted with the help of the tuner.
  • Includes a 20W Amplifier.
  • It is 39 inches in length and has a sleek body designed for comfortable holding.

2. Beginner electric Guitar by Bestchoice

2 Beginner electric Guitar by Bestchoice

The Beginner’s electric guitar by BestChoice is truly the best choice for aspiring guitar players. It has a body made of sturdy hardwood. This means this guitar is sleek and comfortable and will fit comfortably in your hands when you play.

Therefore, it also comes with a series of accessories including a nylon gig bag. The fingerboard is delicate and includes 22 frets. The Amp has a series of extensive controls including volume, bass, treble, and drive. And you can easily use it to manage all the sounds and ensure you’re making the best music!


  • Is 39 inches in length.
  • Comes with a 10W Amp, a cable cord to attach to the Amp, a guitar pick, a tremolo bar, a shoulder strap, and extra strings.
  • Includes a high-quality nylon carrying bag.

1. DST-1S Electric Guitar by Donner

1 DST-1S Electric Guitar by Donner

The DST-1S by Donner is a beautiful choice for you since it has a beautiful Ebony fingerboard with 20 frets, a neck made of Canadian maple, and a basswood body. It is durable and sturdy and very comfortable to hold.

Also, the guitar has 3 knobs including a volume knob and two knobs to adjust the tone. It also comes with a mini Amp and other accessories. This is also a great choice because you get a 1-year warranty with the product!


  • 39-inch body with other accessories including a gig bag, Amp, shoulder strap, extra strings, digital clip-on tuner, and a guitar capo.
  • Has S-S-H pickups and a one-way tremolo.
  • Guitar has a pickup switch and 3 volume and tone control knobs on it

Why do we need an Electric Guitar Starter Packs?

Different products are an integral part of our lives. There are certain products for our entertainment and certain products we absolutely cannot live without.

There are some products we use to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and some products that we use to get our work done.
Children like toys, adults prefer getting more practical products that will assist them in their daily lives, and young adults have a certain affinity towards musical instruments. These musical instruments include flutes, drums, guitars, and even electric guitars.

How to choose the best Electric Guitar Starter Packs for Beginners?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before choosing an electric guitar for purchase. These include:

  1. Brand:
    The brand of your guitar is extremely important. Good brands have durable and better performing guitars.
    There are many high quality brands available in the market. But if you’re a beginner, you might not know their names. For this, you must ask different retailers and also check online websites for reviews of different brands so that you can make an informed choice.
  2.  Body Type:
    The body of your guitar also matters a lot. Some electric guitars have a solid body type, some have a hollow body, and others have a semi-hollow body. Each type produces a different kind of sound.
    The hollow body type has a more acoustic vibe. And Semi-hollow and hollow types have more resonating sounds than the solid body type.

Factor to consider before buying the right products:

  • Your Budget:
    This is perhaps one of the most important things you should look for. Electric guitars can be expensive and you need to set a budget according to your needs.Moreover, a simple electric guitar can range from $300 to $1000. The more expensive ones are made of higher quality wood and are made for professional performances. However, if you are a beginner, buying a cheaper guitar to learn would be a better idea.
  • Pickups and other guitar controls:
    Having knowledge about pickups and other guitar controls before buying a guitar is also a good idea. Electric guitars tend to have Humbucker pickups which have a huge impact on their sound.Also, these guitars have knobs and switches on them. These control high and low frequency, volume, and the tone of the sound. This makes them crucial to understand before learning how to play the guitar.

Wrap It Up

As a beginner, choosing the right electric guitar might seem like a daunting task. However, it’s not that hard because you have multiple high-quality options available in the market. The best electric guitar is waiting for you, all you need to do is pick up that phone and order!

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