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The Best Rock Climbing Helmets Reviews Of 2021

Best Rock Climbing Helmets

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Love climbing rock faces outside, yet stressed over protecting your most imperative resource – your head? Since time immemorial, climbers’ heads have gone under danger from rockfall, or by being struck amid a cumbersome sideways or upside destruction.

There is a bunch of climbing helmets alternatives; however which one is the best climbing helmet for the sort of climbing that interests you?

One of our enormous objectives here is to make your life easier with regards to gearing up for climbing.

Regardless of whether you’re following to something light, durable, or economical, we’ll walk you through a list of the Best Rock Climbing Helmets. It also available and demonstrate to you proper methodologies to pick the best climbing helmets.

Why do we need Best Rock Climbing Helmets?

A climbing helmet is the main thing you should purchase when you begin trad climbing. Climbing helmets protect your head from things falling on you and furthermore from your head hitting the rock in case that you fall.

Climbing helmets are by and large not worn in the exercise center or on overhanging sport courses. In these circumstances, there are no rocks to fall on your head. You are likewise far-fetched to hit your head against anything in the event that you fall.

In some other circumstance, it merits wearing a helmet when belaying or climbing. Rocks could fall and the gear could be dropped. In the event that you thump your belayer oblivious, they won’t have the chance to belay you!

How to choose the Best Rock Climbing Helmets?

Choosing the best rock climbing helmets is a difficult and you have to keep in mind some features to select the best climbing helmets. Have a look.

  1. Protection:
    Rocks are strong, so helmets should be made of reasonable material to protect you from them. All climbing helmets meet an industry standard of protection, with more noteworthy protection from overhead impact than from the side.The majority of the climbing helmets are generally manufactured using a thick layer of lightweight foam or a hard plastic shell with the polycarbonate shell.
  2. Comfort and Weight:
    Some like them thin and light. Some like them thick and overwhelming. What’s appropriate for you will rely upon your objectives. In case you’re growing new climbs in new territories, at that point a heavier, plastic-shell climbing helmets will offer more protection from rockfall.A lighter helmet might be better in case you’re climbing longer courses that are generally all around voyaged, as rock fall is more outlandish. In case you’re new to climbing, a little bit of the weight difference wouldn’t make any difference that much.
  3. Ventilation:
    Once in a while climbers will need to wear a helmet throughout the day. Different occasions essentially for an hour or two. Softening under a helmet with little ventilation in a hot, moist climbing zone is unpleasant for anybody.However, nor is snow capped climbing in frigid stratosphere in a helmet with more ventilation holes as compared to an open window. Select the perfect measure of ventilation for the sort of climb you are most inclined on.
  4. Adjustability:
    The climbers navigate loads of variable landscape and climates, and in some cases wear woolen beanies of various thicknesses under their climbing helmets.In case you’re in a situation that may see you adjusting your helmet various occasions in multi day, at that point it will have a lot of effect to have one that is easy and natural to calibrate.

Here we have the list of best rock climbing helmets that you can consider buying.

8. Black Diamond Vector Helmet

8 Black Diamond Vector Helmet

A progressive helmet that is perfect for long courses, snow capped climbs as well as other weight sensitive missions, Black Diamond Vector Helmet consolidates lightweight protection, superb ventilation along with barely there comfort more than ever. The co-shaped EPS foam, geometric, and polycarbonate shell give the full protection while remaining amazingly comfortable and lightweight, and the liberal ventilation ports keep the air flow on the warm days.


  • The co-molded EPS foam with the polycarbonate shell
  • Bif ventilation port provides maximum airflow
  • In-mold headlamp clips for secure attachment
  • Ratchet adjuster with the molded push buttons
  • The tuck-away suspension makes for a compact storage

7. Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

7 Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

Giving ultralight, low-profile protection, unparalleled ventilation and a safe and super-comfy fit, the Vapor helmet is the go-anyplace cragging cover that demonstrates helmets aren’t only for multi-pitch trad climbs as well as huge snow capped appearances. They have built a sheet of Kevlar and a progression of carbon poles in the middle of the polycarbonate shell and co-formed EPS foam to keep the weight at any rate while keeping you protected.


  • Co-shaped EPS foam with the polycarbonate shell is bring down profile as compared to the Vector
  • Geometric, outdoors configuration gives unparalleled air flow
  • Ratchet adjuster with the shaped push buttons
  • Headlamp clips are removable for lessened catching on slings as well as attire

6. Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet

6 Petzl Picchu Climbing Helmet

Couple the helmet and harness and you get Petzl Picchu, clever! The Picchu has a major size range, and modest analyzers with the greater melons loved this helmet. It accompanies an arrangement of stickers so your little ripper could modify it. Guardians loved that it meets safety benchmarks for climbing as well as cycling, so it is basically two helmets in one. What’s more, in the event that you talk your kiddo into an alpine begin, it has the headlamp clips.


  • Ratchet-back plan for easy adjustability
  • Hard-shell configuration increases the durability
  • Vented sides keep the child’s head cool
  • adjustable chinstrap, headband and nape height for a comfortable fit
  • Vented sides keep your kid’s head cool

5. Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

5 Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

This highly durable and high quality helmets are intended to protect climbers head from falling the rocks as well as accidental hits yet to do it without climber feeling like his head isn’t accepting any air. It is outlined with the ten ventilation regions that keeps air flow and keeps the wearer’s head from overheating and this helmet is composed with the anti microbial foam cushioning that keeps microscopic organisms from working up in the helmet and furthermore oversees the moisture levels.


  • The Work Climbing Helmet by Fusion Meka is extremely durable.
  • It offers an extensive variety of adjustability.
  • There are ten territories for ventilation to keep the users head cool and comfortable amid his works.
  • Its in-shape polycarbonate shell with an EPS hard liner gives great impact protection.

4. Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet

4 Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet

This helmet is intended to be both intense and to give sufficient ventilation to the wearer’s head too. It does this by utilizing a hard plastic external shell that is outfitted with 8 ventilation gaps and an intense EPS internal layer. This enables the wearer’s head to be better protected against harm, however stay cool as well as ventilated in the meantime.


  • Durable plastic shell, redesigned, harder EPS inward.
  • It has 8 openings for ventilation.
  • The Headlamp clips coordinated into the design
  • The thumb wheel for quick and effective adjustment to head measure
  • It likewise accompanies an exceptionally comfortable button strap too.

3. Tontron Hiking Climbing Caving Work Helmet

3 Tontron Hiking Climbing Caving Work Helmet

Intended to be an useful helmet for the two climbers and cavers, the Tontron Caving Helmet provides best head protection while guaranteeing an ideal level of comfort. This helmet is long lasting and can truly endure a shot. It gives a broadened use. You could use it as a mountaineering helmet and in addition a giving in helmet, and some more.


  • The helmets are manufactured of high effect ABS shell and have passed security testing program to give practical protection to sporter.
  • Made of the high-thickness EPS liner to give effective waterproof and hostile to sweat in the hot day.
  • The helmets have adjustable back of head system to give minor adjustment to various head sizes.

2. Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

2 Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

With the strong button strap, VERTEX VENT helmet sets a standard in the head protection for the workers at the height. Ventilation openings with the adjustable sliding shades enable air to course in the helmet when required. Its six point work headband guarantees comfort, and its Center Fit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps it fixated on the head.


  • Shock absorption accomplished through twisting of the external shell
  • Strong chinstrap limits the danger of losing the helmet amid a fall
  • Six-point material suspension adjusts superbly to the state of the head
  • Center Fit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet focused on the head

1. Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

1 Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

An organization with the name Black Diamond would be relied upon to make helmets that were great at protecting the wearer’s head as well as durable also, and in such manner, this helmet doesn’t baffle by any means. It will protect the climbers from the blayers and whippres as well as climbers from falling ice and rocks.


    • The Half Dome is comfortable and good looking.
    • It comes with the easy-to-use headlamp clips that could fit a GoPro.
    • There’s also a wheel adjuster which makes the fitting of helmet highly adjustable.

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Wrap it up

Climbing helmets have made considerable progress in recent years. Manufacturers are improving, lighter, and more comfortable alternatives for the travelers of today. Presently it is dependent upon you to really wear them!

The best rock climbing helmets are the one you are wearing. Your head is justified regardless of the cash to spend on the helmet that could avert the injury, damage or even death. Wearing a climbing helmet is an effective and simple method for limiting dangers.

Looks and style are not essential with regards to best rock climbing helmets, so utilize our determination above to pick a model that accommodates your climbing activities and territory best.

Demands your belayer additionally wears a helmet and be safe!

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