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The Best Laundry Bleach Reviews in 2021

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It is always challenging to find the best laundry bleach for clothes if they have stubborn stains. The crowding of various bleach for clothes products complicates the issue. The purpose of this review is to help you in settling for the Right Product. It will unveil various features for each product to expand your understanding.

You should be cautious about using some inferior products that have dangerous chemicals that will cause skin irritation. You should, therefore, seek a healthy alternative.

As we review ten different products, we hope you will make the right decision at the end of our analysis. Let’s set the ball rolling:

Let’s take a look best seller & special offer

10. Soft Scrub Commercial Cleaner with Bleach

10. Soft Scrub Commercial Cleaner with Bleach

In case you have a preference for liquid detergents, then Soft Scrub Commercial Cleansers cannot disappoint you.

The detergent will erase all the stains on your clothes to give it a dazzling design. One will only require one step to disinfect and clean the clothes.

The detergent is useful in the house since it makes the environment germs-free.

The detergent will utilize only three minutes to kill nearly 100% of all the germs in the house. It will happen so as you rightly apply it at full strength.

Interestingly, the soft scrub is gentle on surfaces as it disinfects it against pathogens. On the other hand, it acts tough on stains due to its powerful formula.

As you use this detergent, you will experience a sparkling clean design. Or even better, you will get a scratch-free shine on different surfaces.

This Product not only fights the stain. It also has a protective formula to preserve the color.


  • It kills more than 99.9 % germs
  • Disinfects and clean in one step
  • Powerful formula that fights stains
  • It kills bacteria in three minutes
  • Easy to attain a sparkling clean

9. Borateem Non-Chlorine Color Safe Bleach

9. Borateem Non-Chlorine Color Safe Bleach

Borateem Non-Chlorine Bleach contains nontoxic formulas to help the user achieve the right cleaning standards. It is the right product to use if you have stubborn stains.

This laundry bleach is the right detergent to use when you want to preserve the color of your clothes. The color sealing technology makes the clothes to appear new.

The detergent has an advanced stain remover to make it stand out. Furthermore, this bleach alternative works with both warm and cold water temperatures.

The Borateem has a chlorine-free formula. Such a design makes it safe to use without compromising the health of the user like skin irritation.

The formula will fight dinginess. As if that is not enough, the detergent formula has the right ingredients to remove stains.

The good news is when you use this detergent, your clothes will not fade. They will remain in the original colors to make them appear ever sparkling.


  • Color-sealing technology
  • Color-safe ingredients
  • Advanced stain remover
  • Works best in all water temperatures
  • Chlorine-free formula
  • Does not cause color fading
  • Does not irritate the skin

8. EZ-X CLEAN Activated Bleach Tablets

8. EZ-X CLEAN Activated Bleach Tablets

If you’re looking for some bleach alternative that is safe for economical use, then this is the Right Product. What does that mean?

One can only equate one bottle of the bleach tablet to at least 6 liters of other liquid bleach. It is, therefore, a powerful detergent to use for cleaning different items.

The bleach tables are usually small; hence one can easily store them since they maximize the available space.

The tablets will work correctly to eliminate any stains and dirt. It is a powerful bleaching agent for white clothes since it provides maximum whiteness.

The bleach tablets are safe to use as they will not harm your laundry. Plus, they do not contain hydro-peroxide, which is harmful to your laundry.

Uniquely, the detergent has child safety caps alongside a gasket, which makes it airproof. In other words, it will keep the smell inside.

As you use this formula, you will enjoy maximum protection and hygiene. The bleaching agent is compatible with the dishwasher and laundry machine.

Each bottle contains six tablets. One will take advantage of 6 scents.


  • Safe as it lacks hydroperoxide
  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • Child safety cap
  • Bothe dishwasher and laundry machine safe
  • 40 tablets within a bottle

7. Ultra Purex 2 Color Safe Bleach

7. Ultra Purex 2 Color Safe Bleach

Ultra Purex happens to be the best detergent to use it at home. You can use it to remove stubborn stains from your clothes.

The ultra-Purex is color-safe. Your clothes color will not fade away as well as losing the color in the process of bleaching.

Buy using this product; you will not face the threat of encountering skin irritation. It does not contain harmful chlorine.

The formula contains stains fighter agents to make your surfaces and clothes clean. It is a bright booster as the clothes will remain new throughout usage.

The bleaching formula does not contain harmful chemicals that will destroy your fabric. Your clothes will retain the quality and the original color.

This bleach alternative is lightweight hence makes it to be easily portable. You can pack and travel with it to your desired destination.

As you apply it on surfaces, it remains clean since it removes all stubborn stain on the floor. The formula will naturalize the germs to make your house germ-free.


  • It is chlorine-free
  • Does not cause color fading
  • It is a bright booster
  • 24 loads
  • Lightweight and portable

6. Evolve Original Scent Bleach Tablets

6. Evolve Original Scent Bleach Tablets

Evolve tables are powerful bleach tablets that are suitable for cleaning hard surfaces. You can also use them to clean stovetops, cabinets, kitchen tops, and backsplashes.

The bleach tablets are versatile hence useful when cleaning bathroom floors, toilet exteriors, and sinks. The product is safe as it is phosphate-free.

You still use this deodorizing agent in restaurants to clean commercial dishes. As you use this tablet, they will not spill or splash in your laundry.

If you like the activity of bleaching white clothes, then this is the perfect choice for you. It will make them noticeably whiter. Suppose you have white towels, this product has the answer.

If you have tankless toilets, then you can use this bleach tablet to clean the potty. You can still use it to sanitize baby toys as well as deodorizing baby bottles.

The package comes with easy to use instructions. One can comfortably follow them to get the desired results within a short time.

The tablets are lightweight, which are easy to use.


  • Effective for cleaning surfaces
  • Powerful whitening agent
  • Easy to use
  • It has a lightweight design
  • Easy to store.

5.Comet Cleaner with Bleach Powder

5.Comet Cleaner with Bleach Powder

Comet is a 25-ounce product that comes in a pack of four. It is a bleach powder that one can use to sanitize various surfaces.

This versatile bleach alternative will clean as well as deodorize various items in your house. They will remain clean and ready for use.
The whole content is safe to use, as it will not affect your health. It does not contain toxic compounds such as phosphate, which is a threat to the user’s health.

The contents in the bottle are biodegradable. In that regard, it is ideal in environmental conservation.

Are you having a challenge in killing germs within your closet? Look no further than this bleaching powder.

The manufacturer gave clear instructions on how to apply this bleaching powder. It will disinfect the surfaces to eliminate pathogens, which can compromise your health.

As you use this bleaching powder, it will not cause the color of the surfaces to fade. It has color preservation agents to make the items appear ever new.


  • cleans and deodorizes
  • The entire content is biodegradable
  • It does not have phosphate
  • scratch-free
  • One pack of 4 units.

4. Grab Green Natural Bleach Alternative Pods

4. Grab Green Natural Bleach Alternative Pods

Are you looking for a laundry bleach that has naturally driven ingredients? Indeed, you should look no further than this product.

The product is safe to use has it does not have toxic ingredients. You will not have to worry about the state of your health as you put it to use.

You can use this product to bleaching white clothes. It has a laundry booster that is ideal in brightening white garments.

The product is unique as it has powerful ingredients for removing the stains. Moreover, it will neutralize all the odors. Precisely, it is fragrance-free.

Are you allergic to odors and other components? This product can be the perfect choice for you. It is hypoallergenic to shield you from any allergic reactions.

As you use this bleach alternative, it will not cause the colors to fade away. You can use it for all temperatures.

The bleach does not have optical brighteners, dyes, or chlorine. It is also phosphate-free hence safe to use.
It is a bleach alternative that will see you attain sparkling results.


  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Whitening booster
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Perfects stain remover

3. The Laundress – All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

3. The Laundress - All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

In your pursuit of getting the right cleaning agent, you should also consider this product to be among your possible bleach alternative. It is safe to use since it is nontoxic.

The product will conserve the environment since it is biodegradable. It will work correctly to remove stains, dirt, and other odors.

The good news is that it is allergen-free. One can use it comfortably since it will not irritate you suppose you are hypersensitive.

The detergent is chlorine-free; hence it is suitable for brightening and whitening the fabric. Furthermore, it will retain the color of your laundry items without causing them to fade.

One can use this chlorine bleach alternative as a cleaning solution. You only need to dissolve it in hot water and use it entirely at home to brighten laundry items.

This product does not include animal by-products; hence it is cruelty-free. The whole bottle can serve you for 128 washes. It comes with pocket-friendly prices.


  • It is allergen-free
  • Chlorine bleach alternative
  • Brightens and whitens
  • It is an all-purpose bleaching detergent
  • It is more effective in hot water
  • Perfect stain remover
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • It is color-safe

2. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals

2. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals

One can still use Clorox bleach crystals to perform cleaning services effectively. You will use crystals in a controlled way as you bleach the items.

As you use these crystals, you will enjoy the splashes design. The design makes this Clorox Beach crystal easy to use.

Clorox Zero splash is a perfect stain remover. Furthermore, you can use it to eliminate dirt and make your items to appear ever new and sparkling.

The Bleach crystals are a clean scent that is not overpowering.

Clorox Zero splash is a multipurpose bleach. You can use to fight stubborn stains on the white laundry. You can still use this bleach alternative to clean various surfaces like toilets, floors, countertops, and more.

Each bottle is 24 ounces. The entire package comes with three items that can comfortably serve you for a longer duration.

The product is compatible with high-efficient washing machines. You can use the bleach crystals to perform daily cleaning.


  • It is a multi-purpose bleach
  • It uses a regular scent that is not overpowering
  • Splashes bleach
  • Easy to use
  • Perfects stain dirt and stain remover

1. Concentrated Germicidal Bleach

1. Concentrated Germicidal Bleach

Do you have the challenge of facing a threat of virus and flue where you stay? Let your worries end after reading the content in this section.

The Concentrated germinal bleach will eliminate all types of virus in your area. Precisely, it kills difficile spores in 5 minutes.

It is a 121-ounce bottle. The whole carton contains three bottles to serve you for a longer duration before you think of acquiring a new one.

You can apply this bleach on non-porous surfaces to acquire effective results. It will kill C viruses and Hepatitis B.

Other viruses that will not survive after suing it is E.coli, salmonella, and listeria. One will preserve life as this germicidal bleach kills them within 5 minutes.
You can use this bleaching agent to disinfect the toilets, restaurants, and other house surfaces like floor, cabinets, and kitchen equipment.


  • It kills many viruses within 5 minutes.
  • It is a versatile product
  • The pack serves one for a longer duration
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Effective and durable

Buying Guides of Laundry Bleach

1. Raw Materials

Raw materials that manufacturers will use to make the ideal laundry bleach will determine its effectiveness. Moreover, it will dictate how useful the entire product will be.

The manufacturer should use the right ingredients that will not affect the quality of the product. Furthermore, the ingredients should be safe to use on your body.

You should read the list of ingredients before you decide to buy the ideal products. Some may contain harmful compounds like phosphate.

You should also know the type of fragrance that laundry bleach uses. You can even know the quality of the product by reading the feedback from the customer’s comments sections.

2. Amount of the Liquid

You must buy the right Product whereby you should use for a longer time. The liquid should serve you within the correct period before it expires.

Let the product come in the right quantity to allow you to beat the expiration deadline. You should also maximize it without causing wastage and enable you to stay within the deadlines.

3. Pricing

Each laundry bleach will feature different prices. You should buy a product that comes within the right pricing. However, you should take note of low pricing.

Some of the Product that comes at low prices are of poor quality. One the other hand, a high-quality product will feature moderate or high pricing.

What about the Product?

One will need the best laundry bleach to sanitize and clean all the fabric. However, you should not cause any color to fade away.
Concerning that, one should buy the right product of value. It should serve you well to eliminate all the dirt and germs within the house.

Here are other elements that you can consider about this laundry bleach.


The laundry bleach should be safe to use round. It should not have allergens that will irritate one suppose the user is allergic.

Moreover, it should not have harmful chemicals that may irritate the skin.

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In Conclusion:

Do you want to live in a healthy environment? You can do so by acquiring the best laundry bleach. However, the flooding of different products in the market should not confuse you.

Here, in this piece, it carries ten different products that are useful for your selection. Your answer lies in the above products.

You can select one from the list and make a difference in at home. Staying in a clean environment is a guarantee of living a healthy life.

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