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The Best Bike Saddle Seat Bags of 2021

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Cycling is fun but one thing that would make it more fun is having a little something to carry a few items while cycling. And this is none other than a saddle seat bag. A saddle seat bag is a small bag you keep under your bike seat to help you carry a few necessities while cycling.

Most saddle seat bags are designed with heavy-duty materials to help protect your items from damage. Also, they are lightweight and compact to give you a convenient and stylish carrying bag under your bike seat.

To help you get the right one, we bring you the following the best bike saddle seat bags reviews.

Why Do You Need a Bike Saddle Seat Bag ?

When cycling to school, work or simply doing it for fun, you may need to carry a few things with you. While you can carry them in your pockets, they may get lost or destroyed by the rain. This is where a bike saddle seat bag will come in handy.

Most of them are waterproof and will keep your items safe even when it starts to rain. Furthermore, they are easy to attach to your bike and have lots of room for carrying a few necessities.

How to choose the Best Bike Saddle Seat Bag ?

  1. Storage Capacity:
    For the right saddle seat bag, consider one with enough storage space to keep the items you intend to carry. As such, you can look for a saddle bag with inside pockets or an expandable design. This will not only allow you to carry more items but also keep them secured.
  2. Material:
    The material used to make a given saddle bag will determine whether or not it will protect your items. For a long-lasting performance, go for a bike saddle bag made of durable materials such as nylon or polyester. A water-resistant material is a plus.
  3. Mounting Design:
    If you want the best bike saddle bag, go for one that is easy to mount under your bike seat. Therefore, to ensure it is easy to mount, look for things like adjustable straps and buckles. This is because they are the items that will hold the bag securely onto your bike.

Here are our top picks of the best bike saddle bags that made it to our list, take a look!

8. Evoc Saddle Bag Tour

8.Evoc Saddle Bag Tour

The Evoc Saddle Bag Tour is ideal for someone looking for a little more room but not something too large and unsightly. The bag weighs only 110g; therefore, it is lightweight and will not weigh you down as you cycle. It is made of nylon fabric and polyurethane-coated air mesh, making it water-resistant to keep your items dry for most of the time. With a dimension of 12 x 4.5 x 6cm, this saddle bag will help you carry a lot of items including tire levers, tubes, and even your identity card.

It has additional interior mesh pockets to keep small items such as keys and money. Also, this saddle bag is available in numerous color options so you can choose one that best suits your taste and preference.


  • 3 hook and loop straps: Enable you to mount the bag to the bottom of the seat post
  • 210-Denier ripstop nylon: It is durable to resist tear and wear of everyday use
  • 61 cubic-inch capacity: Will allow you to carry lots of gear

7. BOGZON Rear Bike Saddle Bag

7.BOGZON Rear Bike Saddle Bag

Whether you want plenty of room or simply want to keep a few things inside while maintaining a low profile, the BOGZON Rear Bike Saddle Bag is the brand to consider. It comes in various sizes including small, large, and medium; therefore, you’ll definitely get one that fits your needs.

There is an elastic strap on the interior pockets for holding smaller items more securely. The bag also has a wide opening that provides room to let you carry all the necessary items such as keys, small cameras, snacks, iPod or phone. It is made of high-quality materials that provide extra durability needed for frequent use.

This saddle bag is tastefully designed with a black finish that will blend nicely with almost any bike. Furthermore, the saddle bag is rubberized to provide more support and protect your items from impact while cycling.


  • Big zippered opening: Allows for easy access to items
  • Elastic belt buckle: Provides a rock-solid attachment
  • Mesh inside pockets: Enable you to keep tiny items

6. TOPTREK Bike Saddle Bag

6.TOPTREK Bike Saddle Bag

With the capability to expand from 0.6L to1L, the TOPTREK Bike Saddle Bag has a large capacity to enable you to bring along all your vital items. Therefore, you can fit extra stuff such as bike repair tools and even a large phone. The bag has a taillight hanger you can easily install at the back for safe night-time riding. However, you’ll have to buy a taillight since it is not included.

This bag is lightweight; hence, it is easy to transport without weighing you down. It is also easy to fix and simple to remove or replace. Plus it has hidden inside pockets to enable you to keep valuable personal items away from easy reach. This bag is small and compact; hence, it will not take up much space of the bike.


  • Adjustable Velcro straps: Allow easy installation of the bag under your bike seat
  • 420D nylon construction: Ensures durable performance over and over
  • Water-resistant zipper: Keeps items safe and secure in wet weather

5. CyclingHero Bike Bag

5.CyclingHero Bike Bag

For a bag that will keep all your items 100% safe while riding in the rain, the CyclingHero Bike Bag is exactly what you need. It is constructed of fully welded seams and tight roll-up closure to remain completely waterproof. This bag has been designed with your needs in mind.

As a result, you’ll find CO2 cartridges, a spare tube, and a smart tool. It is also small and compact, so it can serve you well without occupying too much space or adding so much weight to your bike. This bag has a pretty design that is very attractive and will make you look good while riding.

Besides, the bag is designed with interior pockets to hold and secure your items in place in order to prevent them from bouncing around and getting damaged while cycling.


  • Straps and Velcro fasteners: Enable the bag to fit tightly on a bike
  • Universal design: Makes it compatible with almost any bike
  • Reflector: Doubles as a securing point for clip-on rear light security for night riding

4. KSprotBicycle Saddle Bag

4.KSprotBicycle Saddle Bag

Equipped with adjustable straps and elastic belt buckle, the KSprot Bicycle Saddle Bag fits effortlessly and comfortably under the bike seat. It has lots of room to allow you to carry several items such as money, small camera, smartphone or ID card.

Therefore, it makes the perfect choice for cycling journeys and is suitable for a variety of bicycles. This bag also has a rubber body to give it a nice shape while protecting your items from possible damage resulting from sudden impacts. It has a wide zippered opening to provide you with easy access to the content of the bag.

Furthermore, the saddle bag boasts reflective strips that are not only for aesthetic purposes but also will improve your safety while cycling after dark.


  • Fashionable design: Makes it convenient to carry around
  • 600D material: Provides sturdy and durable performance over several uses
  • Waterproof zippers: Will protect your belongings from getting wet when cycling in the rain

3. TopeakSeat Pack Saddle Bag

3.TopeakSeat Pack Saddle Bag

The Topeak Seat Pack Saddle Bag is constructed of PTFE coating that has water-wicking capabilities. As such, you can cycle easy knowing that not even rain will destroy your items. It is well-constructed and seems pretty lightweight with its heavy constructed material.

This saddle bag has plenty of rooms that will accommodate all your necessary gear for a short cycling trip. Plus it is expandable; simply unzip it to expand its size. On the inside of the flap, is a mesh elastic pouch with two elastic bands to allow you to keep items secure. The bag also has 2 elastic bands on the bottom side to help you access items quickly. Generally, this saddle bag is great, and it fits nicely under the seat with easy, user-friendly setup.


  • 1200 denier cordura for strong and long-lasting performance over the years
  • Velcro strap with snap-buckles to help you mount the saddle bag onto the bike
  • Reflective strip: Provides additional safety when cycling at night

2. AmazonBasics Saddle Bag for Cycling

2.AmazonBasics Saddle Bag for Cycling

Consider the AmazonBasics Saddle Bag to keep your essentials close at hand when cycling. It has a small unsightly design that makes it perfect for carrying necessities to school, work, or weekend rides. The saddle bag is equipped with a reflective strip across the back to enhance visibility and promote safety, especially when cycling after the dark. It is constructed of a heavy-duty waterproof material that will protect your items from damage when cycling in the rain.

Despite the heavy-duty construction, this saddle bag remains lightweight for handy storage that won’t weigh you down. It comes in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. This, therefore, will allow you to choose the perfect size depending on your intended purpose. For each saddle bag is equipped with interior mesh pockets in the front flap to help you keep small quick-access items.


  • Taillight loop: Allows you to attach a rear light
  • Zippered closure: Helps keep the stored items safe and secure
  • Adjustable Velcro strap: Enables you to connect the saddle bag under the bike seat

1. BV USA Bike Saddle Bag

1.BV USA Bike Saddle Bag

The BV USA Bike Saddle Bag is built to help riders enjoy cycling with convenience, comfort and style. As a result, it has a lot of rooms for you to keep all your necessities, and it remains compact for easy cycling. The saddle bag features a big zippered opening for the ease of putting in items and removing them.

On top of that, it has an adjustable Velcro straps that will allow you to easily attach or detach the bag to your bike. To ensure your safety while cycling after dark, this bag comes with a taillight hanger that enables you to attach a bike light at the back.

Besides, this bag has interior mesh pockets that will let you keep small and valuable items safe and secure. Plus there is a clip for you to hang your keys.


  • Strap-on mounting design: Allows the bag to be secured in place
  • 3M scotchlite reflective trim: Provides a safety ride
  • Expandable construction: Will enable you to create more capacity when need be

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Wrap it up

The right bike saddle bag will definitely improve your cycling experience. And in the above compilation, we have included a short and precise guideline that will help you choose the best bags.

Make sure you read through the reviews carefully in order to take home nothing but the best saddle bag.

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