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8 Best Rock Climbing Gloves With High Quality in 2021

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I have several rock climbing accessories such as climbing chalk, safety gear, ropes, chalk bags, and gloves. Of course, you know what that means, right? I am a huge climbing enthusiast! In this review, I will give some insight on the best rock climbing gloves and also give you some tips on how to find the right ones.

Before we look at the best products, here are the factors you need to consider before you buy any climbing gloves:

  1. The material:
    The best rock climbing gloves have to boast an excellent material for added comfort and durability.
  2. The design:
    The design also has to be checked single we have the fingerless options and the rest.
  3. The size:
    Consider the size of your hands if you want to have a great experience with your climbing gloves.

Checkout our best picks for the high quality Rock Climbing Gloves :

8. Camp Start Climbing gloves fingerless gloves yellow/black

8 Camp Start Climbing gloves fingerless gloves yellow/black

The Camp Start climbing glove sneaks its way to the 8th position. This is a really impressive glove designed to offer ultimate safety for any climbing enthusiast who wants to take the climbing experience to whole new level.

It features an Amara synthetic on the palm which is reinforced with an abrasion-resistant fabric for better performance and added comfort. The fact that the gloves are fingerless means that you have greater dexterity while you handle the rope for added support and safety.


  • They can be used for various activities like rescue work and via ferrata.
  • The design is convenient.

7. Vbiger Climbing Gloves Crag Gloves Outdoor Waterproof Touch Screen Warm Gloves In Camouflage

7 Vbiger Climbing Gloves Crag Gloves Outdoor Waterproof Touch Screen Warm Gloves In Camouflage

We have the Vbiger climbing gloves coming in the 7th position. I have used these gloves for quite a while now and can recommend them for anyone who wants to have a great experience. It features a crafted soft, waterproof and breathable polar fleece which keeps you warm and toasty even in the cold weather season.

The ergonomic and highly innovative design makes these climbing gloves quite reliable while the elastic wrist cuffs offer a snug fit for better performance. The anti-slip silicone palm patches offer better gripping thus ensuring that you never get into any accidents.


  • It has a bendable design.
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable.
  • Offer touchscreen functionality.

6. Climb X Super Crack Gloves

6 Climb X Super Crack Gloves

These climbing gloves offer an X-factor climbing experience ensuring that you enjoy every moment. They feature an X-factor climbing rubber which makes them highly reliable and functional. I have personally used these gloves on several occasions and attest to their superior construction. The durable thumb and finger loops add to the excellent design while the zero cheap elastic material ensure that you never have to worry about a thing!


  • The gloves mold over time and fit the fingers comfortably.
  • They feature a highly durable construction.

5. Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves

5 Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves

Boasting a stellar combination of polyester and polyurethane in the percentages of 80 and 20 respectively, these are yet other great climbing gloves available on the market for you this year. Imported, they are highly durable and ultra tactile which means you won’t experience the discomfort which is common with other inferior brands.
The lightweight construction makes them even better for any occasional rock climber as well as the professionals. Something else I find highly impressive is the anti-slip rubber which is fitted at the back of the hand for added durability. And yes, it also boasts an open palm design for better dexterity.


  • It features a grip fitting for added performance.
  • It offers both loop and hook closures.

4. Ocun Crack Climbing Gloves

4 Ocun Crack Climbing Gloves

These Ocun gloves feature a combination of highly sensitive rubber and a microfiber stretching suede for optimum friction. This isn’t one of those cheap knockoffs you come across on the market; this is a highly durable product designed for added comfort and improved performance.
I love several things about these Ocun gloves including the anatomical shape which makes them ideal for use by anyone. And yes, the improved shape offers added comfort and protection to your hand thus ensuring that you have a great experience.


  • It features an ideal weight.
  • It comes with a quick Velcro closure.

3. Metolius Climbing Glove

3 Metolius Climbing Glove

As we get to the top three positions, you can be sure to have the better features. For instance, the Metolius climbing gloves which come in the third position happen to be among the best climbing gloves on the market. They are three quarter finger gloves which mean that you get to experience comfort while at the same time having a proper grip and safe climbing.
The cowhide main body which is strengthened with triple-stitched palm reinforcement makes the gloves ideal for all strenuous activities.


  • The entire design is reinforced for added comfort.
  • The double-stitched finger openings make the gloves quite durable.

2. Petzl CORDEX PLUS Midweight Glove

2 Petzl CORDEX PLUS Midweight Glove

Petzl Cordex climbing gloves are another option you need to be adding to your cart. The gloves feature an ergonomic cut which offers added dexterity while at the same time offering a snug fit. It boasts ultra-grade goat skin material which offers a perfect balance between dexterity, convenience, and durability. The padded palm offers added protection against the heat which is generated due to the long and heavy climbing process. What’s more, the back section is fitted with an abrasion-resistant nylon which makes it ideal for daily use.


  • It features a durable leather construction.
  • It’s ideal for various strenuous activities.

1. Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

1 Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

Finally, the Black Diamond Crag climbing gloves wrap up our list of the top rock climbing gloves on the market. This is the best product available on the market. It features s synthetic leather construction which makes it perfect for use in any climbing escapade.
The breathable stretching mesh and knuckle padding make it even better and perfect for any climbing enthusiast while its synthetic leather fingers and palm which have a reinforced thumb and index finger offer added durability.


  • The gloves feature a hook and loop closure.
  • They also have a pull-on/clip-in loop.

Wrap it up

When looking for the best rock climbing gloves, you need to be very keen. In a market full of options, ensure that you only go for the best ones. Given the options listed above, you can never go wrong with any of them.

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