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  • Best Rock Climbing Crash Pads in 2021

    I am a great rock climbing aficionado. Just the other day, I witnessed one of my fellow climbers get into an accident where he sustained several bruises over his body. One of the major reasons which contributed to him getting injured is the fact that he had very inferior crash pads which exposed him to […]

  • Best Rock Climbing Accessory Cord Rope Reviews in 2021

    Just the other day, I witnessed my friend get a fractured arm during a rock climbing escapade. Of course, that incident set a stream of questions racing up and down my mind as I tried to figure out how such an experienced rock climber could get involved in an accident. A closer look at his […]

  • 10 Best Rock Climbing Belay Device reviews 2021

    Rock climbing belay device play a vital role when it comes to ascending and descending. They come in different designs, and this has been facilitated by the numerous brands that are producing them. Before the consumer selects one device to buy, they have to be sure of their safety, quality, features that come with the […]

  • Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Women reviews 2021

    For the rock climbing enthusiast, knowing the right rock climbing shoes for women is the starting point to an adventurous day out. Choosing the best rock climbing shoes for women provides an incredible grip on the rock without compromising on durability. If you have had unfavorable experiences with rock climbing shoes, then this list will do […]

  • 10 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Men reviews in 2021

    Guys..! Are you still relying on those rental rock climbing shoes? If yes, then this time you better think about buying the best one from reliable source and of course we’re the best partners when it comes to performance. Our best rock climbing shoes right here has everything which you need to begin your adventure. Think […]